I can’t get no satisfaction.

Saturday night, I went out to the bar with my girlfriend, who wanted me to meet a guy friend of hers—Danny. She swore I would love him, because, in her words he was sooooo hot. She said he wore skinny jeans, and he wore them WELL. He had blond hair, done in a faux hawk, but not like the douche-y faux hawk way.

Uh- huh. Red flags all around. But what do I have to lose? Nothing.

So we meet him out and he seems pretty cool. Polite, buys me a few shots, and keeps tabs on my drink situation, which I appreciate. He let my friend and I dance some on our own and kept the conversation going nicely. When the bar made last call, my girlfriend suggested we go out for tacos down the road. We all agreed and headed that way.

Well, not one minute out of the bar and my girlfriend says she wants to get her food to go because she got sooooo tired all of the sudden (read: booty call). I said fine, do your thing and met up with Danny. My girlfriend didn’t end up meeting us at all, but Danny said he still wanted to eat, as long as I did. I agreed and he bought me a large helping of chicken nachos.

We talked for awhile, because of the beer in my stomach, I can’t recall all of the details, but I know it was decent enough for me to give him my number.

Big. Mistake.

Before I made it home I get a text…and from there it’s a train wreck. Who’s down for watching?

3:34 Danny: I had a really good time with you.

3:43 Me: Me too, thanks again. Have a good night.

3:44 Danny: Text/call me tomorrow…if you want to that is…

Later Sunday…

2:15 Danny: I just woke up. Want to get some breakfast?

2:33 Me: I’m already at the pool with my friends, I’m thinking of ordering a pizza.

2:35 Danny: that’s lame.

2:36 Me: Well it’s nearly 3 and I’m almost drunk again, that doesn’t really mix with breakfast.

2:39 Danny: Fair enough

2:50 Danny: sooooo….

3:32 Me: You are more than welcome to join us.

3:33 Danny: Maybe. I can’t decide what to do today

4:15 Danny: I should have joined y’all, I could use some sun

4:17 Me: There’s still some! But if you come, you must bring food.

4:19 Danny: I will text/call you after I walk my dogs and see what’s up

4:40 Danny: Soooo ??

4:46 It’s still me and Rachel out here, we pitched in some cash for kabobs to grill.

4:46 Danny: Ah, ok. It sounds like I should meet you another time then. Y’all have fun!

4:47 Me: Okay

4:49 Danny: ??

4:51 Me: What?

4:51 Danny: I’m just being dumb. I didn’t know what you meant by that.

***TIME OUT***Ummm am I on stupid pills or when you tell someone okay, it means sounds good, cool with me, etc? He suggested we meet another time and I agreed. Right? Right??
***TIME IN***

5:33 Danny: How was the pool?

5:45 Me: We are still out here, it’s a great time.

5:47 Danny: okay, well text/call me later if you wanna do something

10:38 Me: Just came in from the pool. A solid Sunday Funday!

10:39 Danny: A day with me would’ve been better

10:41 Me: I tried!

10:46 Danny: Right, you said it was just you and Rachel and you already had food.

10:47 Me: You’re ridiculous! I didn’t mean it was just us, I was trying to explain the situation. You were more than welcome to join.

10:48 Danny: Well that is the problem with just texting.

10:49 Me: Well if we get to know each other better, I’m sure it won’t be lost in translation.

10:50 Danny: Well said.

10:51 Me: So what did you do all day?

10:54 Danny: Well, when I got back from walking my dogs and you denied me from my plans I had…lol…I went and got food and came back to my house and got some work done

10:54 Danny: then got lazy

10:55 Me: Oh, well were you hungover this morning?

10:56 Danny: No, not really. I don’t really get hungover…I mean I do, but I have to get really wasted.

11:00 Danny: u wanna rent a movie or something…u had a full day…I didn’t…I’m bored…and since that is kind of your fault…

11:01 Me: I’m already tucked in bed

11:02 Danny: No way! it’s normal for me to start a movie at this time.

11:03 Me: Damn, that’s late. 630 comes early for this one.

11:03 Danny: ohh…well that explains it

11:04 Danny: I work for myself…at least for now…so I can do whatever.

11:05 Me: I see. I work 8-5, Mon-Fri

11:08 Danny: Do you not like to talk on the phone?

11:08 Me: Depends.

11: 09 Danny: What, you don’t kno me well enough yet?

11:20 Danny: And ur probly asleep. goodnight.

8:23a Danny: props to u for starting work this early…I hate getting up before 9…lol

9:05 Me: Ha yeah, I’ve been up for awhile now.

9:07 Danny: Wher do u work

9:08 Me: ***********

9:08 Danny: doing what

9:09 Me: I am the web editor

9:10 Danny: that’s kind of a big deal

9:10 Me: kind of.

9:23 Danny: well have a great day today…let me know if u wanna grab lunch or something.

10:29 Danny: Well alrighty then.

10:35 Me: I’m sorry if I don’t respond right away to every message. I have meetings all morning each Monday. Hope your day goes well!

10:39 Danny: ?? Just kidding around

I mean, this shit gets on my last nerve. I know, I know us ladies are never happy. But I know there’s got to be a middle ground between a guy ignoring me and jumping up my ass. If you text me and I don’t respond in the hour, I’m either busy, my phone is on silent, or I don’t want to talk to you. So take a hint and wait for me to write back before you send ANOTHER text, acknowledging the fact that I didn’t respond to your last one.

K, thanks!

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