Caught you in the act, bastard.

I’ve been single for just over two months. I’m just now getting to the point where I enjoy going out, meeting new people, and am generally getting over the idea that all men are scum.

But I spoke too soon.

I went out for dinner and drinks with my favorite couple and invited my new interest along, I’ll call him Frat. We went on our first date Sunday night and it was a success, so I was looking forward to seeing him again.

So there we were sitting, chatting, eating, drinking as we were for the last three hours—having a grand ole time. I noticed he was on his cell phone a lot, texting. Now, I am an avid texter, but I do not text in the presence of a date, unless I’m having a horrible time.

So, my drunk self asks Frat, what’s with the texting? Trying to juggle all of your women? He laughed…but I reached for his phone.

With one touch of my finger, I saw it—3 messages down, a text with my EX BOYFRIEND.




I’ve been paranoid about a guy texting other girls, but messaging other guys? Give me an effing break. And texting my ex boyfriend? Well, you just earned yourself a one-way ticket to hell you bastard.

I dropped the phone, and told the table I had to go, as I scrambled to gather my things. Fratty knew what I saw, but my friends didn’t. They started asking me what was wrong and I just kept saying I had to leave and fast. I nearly sprinted out of the restaurant and off to my car; already holding my keys out.

Frat followed me out to my car, but I wasn’t listening to anything he said, although I heard him mutter “and now you hate me.” I said, yep pretty much, got into my car and slammed the door. If it wouldn’t put me in jail I would have ran his ass over.

Then, I was so lucky to get a few texts from Frat.

12:19 am: I’m so sorry, it’s really not what you think. I like you a lot!

12:22 am: I don’t get why you are so mad, I’m sorry.

12:27 am: Hello!

12:36 am: Hey, I don’t think you should let a text get in the way of our date. He said he didn’t even know you, and we just talked about where we were both bartending.

I didn’t respond to any of them. Instead, I sat in my bed and went from pissed to fuming. Seriously? I knew I would get burned again in the dating world, but my first time out? Damn.

Sure, maybe it isn’t what I think. But I can’t take any chances. I don’t like the thought of someone spying on my dating life as I try to move on from one of the most damaging relationships I’ve had.

Eff that noise.

In the meantime, I’d like to invite you to play a game I like to call Text My Ex! Participate by sending a sweet message to 225.802.6277

All is fair in love and war, dick hole.

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