Things to look forward to…

Well unfortunately I made it back from the cruise alive.  I’m too wiped out and mind boggled to write a full summary of the shitshow of the seas, but here’s a preview of some things you have to look forward to:

*Graduationish Ceremony*

1.) Puke on my cap and gown?!

2.) Wondering if I actually completed all my requirements

*Family Vacation*

1.) Getting my underage cousin pants shitting, mini-cruise toilet vomming drunk at senor frogs.

2.) Witnessing and photographing my aunt and cousin rolling oregano blunts.

3.) Meteor shower in da ocean

4.) How I got arrested at customs

5.) How I got attacked by a barracuda and the story of how my blackberry is no more.

6.) How I got saved from the barracuda.

7.) How I got poked in the ass by a sword fish (this one is pretty self explanatory)

8.) How I walked on the bottom of the ocean wearing a giant dome on my head next to a giant ass shark.

I think that’s it.  If not this should be enough to put your tiny nipples in France until I can pull myself together enough to get a real post up.  Give me a break for gods sake I’ve been interrogated by US customs all damn day for counterfeiting louis vuitton and jimmy choo bags. Thaaaaat’s right.  This is gonna be a good one.

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