Loneliness has always been a friend of mine.

As promised, I wanted to give you all a 90’s playlist to pay tribute to my week of listening to a 90’s radio station through iTunes. Let. Me. Tell. You. That thing has honestly made my week…sure, a few of the songs are depressing (‘Cause nothing compares, noth-ing compares to you), but then you’ll get saved by a little “Slide, slide, slippity slide..” Hells yeah.

So, I present to you: Lucky’s 90’s playlist. They are in no particular order, because frankly that is just too much pressure.

1995—Bone Thugs-n-Harmony: “Tha Crossroads”

First of all, what the fuck is up with the beginning of this video? Really? We thought that was cool in the 90s, I guess. This was the first rap cassette (that’s right, cassette) I bought and I probably thought I was sooooo friggin’ cool because of it. I remember hearing this song when I would hang out at the county fair (probably stuffing my face with corn dogs) and my friends and I would ride the Himalaya. The DJ would play this song, and as I was flying ’round and ’round in a hilly circle, I would think, “yeah we livin in a hateful world, sendin’ em straight to straight to hell.”

1997—Savage Garden: “I Want You”

I don’t particularly like this song now, but I remember that I loved it in 7th grade. That’s just how awesome I was. The lyrics in this song don’t even make sense, but I think it was a hit because of how fast he sings them. And really? Why did this group try to pretend they’re huge rockers? They sing about cherry cola for Christ’s sake.

1995—Mariah Carey & Boys II Men: “One Sweet Day”

Ok, so, I told Buttons that I was putting this song on the playlist and she was shocked because it’s a sad song. And she’s right, but sometimes I can be a bit of a sap. Honestly, the best part about this video are Mariah Carey’s denim shorts. Hott. Speaking of Mariah Carey, I really want to know how she’s so accepted with The Blacks. Honestly. I mean, she’s not even really black. And she’s not rappin’ about bitches and blunts for damn sure.

1996—Presidents of The United States of America: “Peaches”

I remember buying this cassette as a single, and the cassette was orange. Like, so cool. I always heard rumors that this song was super perverted and it was about a girl named Peaches, etc. But I heard an interview with the band on VH1 and they said one of the guys in the band had a crush on a girl who had a peach tree in her front yard. When he went to tell her he liked her, she wasn’t home, so he fell asleep under the peach tree. So sweet.

1997—Backstreet Boys: “As Long As You Love Me”

Even though Nick looks like a complete faggot in this version, I had to chose this song. I absolutely love it and I loved it then, too! Buttons and I used to sit in her bedroom and listen to all of the countdown radio shows, just to hear this one. I remember when we went to the Backstreet Boys’ concert—the next day I was so sad they were gone. I have heard of the 2011 BSB/NKOB tour, and I will be there, no doubt (no diggity).

1998—Brandy & Monica: “The Boy is Mine”

Oh Brandy, how I loved you on Moesha (Mo to the, E to the…). And Monica, you don’t get down on the first night. Classy broad. Anyway, I loved this song, but what I loved more was singing it.

1990—Extreme: “More Than Words”

Hellloooo hair band! I was in…like kindergarten when this song came out. But I remember hearing it on the radio in the car and later seeing the music video—even then I thought it was catchy. And it’s still a beautiful song, even though the music video is a tad disturbing.

1995—Alanis Morissette: “Hand in my Pocket”

Alanis Morissette was the first concert that I picked to go to. My mom took me. We had lawn tickets and, I didn’t realize it then, but we were surrounded by lezzies. But hell, I loved, and still do, Alanis. She’s a bad ass chick and I love it. When this song came out, I didn’t know what the lyrics meant, but I loved the harmonica. And I can appreciate them now—”I’m hard, but I’m friendly…BABY”

1997—Notorious B.I.G: “Mo Money Mo Problems”

Ok, we’ve got Biggie, Mase, and P-Diddy, and the colored jumpsuits. What more could you ask for? All jokes aside, I love this song and I really think it played a part in pop culture. This single was the first hip hop CD I bought. How hip am I?

1997—Hanson: “Where’s the Love”

Pretty sweet how I can move from B.I.G to Hanson, huh? I couldn’t do a 90’s playlist without mentioning Hanson. They are a favorite of mine and Gizzy’s, too—in fact that’s how we became such good friends (I know we just lost our 3 readers). Everyone remembers MMMBop, but this song is one of my favorites…because hell, where is the love?

1990—Wilson Phillips: “Hold On”

There really isn’t much I can say here.

Honestly, there are so many 90’s songs that I love, I think I may have to do this again.

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One thought on “Loneliness has always been a friend of mine.

  1. Thank you for this blast from the past! I remember all these songs. I may need to listen to a few on my way home from work.

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