Just a late night quickie!

Ok, I totally am not trying to take away from Lucky’s 90’s songs post (which is FAB-U-LOUS by the way) so I am going to keep this quick.  It will just take me a second to snort all of the water out of my nose, I thought the water smelled funny so I cupped my hand under the faucet until it filled up and stuck it up to my nose and sniffed.  I’m a dumb. dumb.

But before I share the video that Anthony showed me of a midget teenage boy lip syncing Katy Perry’s new song Teenage Dream I need everyone to do me a favor.  Remember when I got fired from Whorgan Manly? Well I have applied applied and applied to jobs and another financial institution we’ll call them Gargles Swab decided they would like a shot at Whorgan Manly’s sloppy seconds so I have an interview tomorrow, if you could just CLICK HERE and pick a few questions and answer them for me.  I would do it myself but I’m too lazy and I drink too much and can’t remember any instances when I have faced a challenge at work.  Typically because drinking is my answer to any challenge.  Anyway, it would be much appreciated… kthanks!

Now, your reward, watch it all because about 3 minutes in you’ll get a really special treat…

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One thought on “Just a late night quickie!

  1. Holy shit, that list of questions is ridonk-long! WTF?! I think for all of the “change” questions just say some bullshit about how you like to work in teams, but you are an independent thinker. In fact, just say that for all of the questions.

    For customer questions, just say the customer is always right. heh.


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