Keepin’ it one-hun-ed.

Hello everyone! Gizzy has been working (the Captain) like crazy and me, well, I’m sick as a dog and so is my laptop. In fact, my laptop hates me so much it decided to jump off my bed Sunday and end its life. However, it was unsuccessful and it’s at the Dr. Apple. Which is going to financially rape me in the ass, so we’re going to start charging you rich mother effers to read our shit, k?

Just kidding. No, but really, Gizzy and I are approaching our 100th blog entry. And since we are complete losers with no lives, we want to do something to celebrate it. But we need your help! I’ve posted a conversation between Gizzy & I to get this party started:

Lucky: lets just figure out what we want for the 100th entry and slap this shit on the blog so we can both go hang ourselves

Gizzy: i know, wanna get drunk tonight? fuck.

Gizzy: sooo what are our options? the 100 phone numbers, the middle school pics…

Lucky: eat 100 godiva chocolates…thats a personal problem

Gizzy: take 100 shots in 100 hours

Lucky: stay up for 100 hours…and then write about how crazy we feel

Gizzy: i think its possible for us to do all of the above and succeed

Lucky: hmm ok….i feel like we need one more social one, since i’m not social

Gizzy: umm… meet 100 guys between now and oct 22?

Lucky: i mean i assume that would go with the numbers

Gizzy: but just introduce yourself to 100 guys…this could also be in naughty chatrooms

Lucky: I really do sort of hate that. but I mean, for the blog

Gizzy: you sort of hate what? socializing? me too

Lucky: hate the idea of having to meet 100 guys. I’m in no mental shape to be doing that

Gizzy: yeah but, at least 1 out of the 100 has to be nice. right?

Lucky: uh

Gizzy: i mean it will be easy for me considering i dress as a hooker and hand out free alcohol on a regular basis

Gizzy: MAYBE we could find out 100 fun facts about guys, not necessarily 100 guys, but just 100 facts about how ever many guys it takes us to get to 100

Lucky: ok, like we could gather them from anyone

Gizzy: yeah

Lucky: like what would be an example of a fact

Gizzy: or we could ask 100 guys the same question and post all the answers, but we’d have to think of a good question

Gizzy: like the captain fun facts, he likes furry hats

Lucky: whats the one quality you want in your dream girl? BOOBS X 100

Gizzy: we’d probably get lady in the streets freak in the sheets a lot

Lucky: is there 100 things we could write, like 100 gizzy and lucky fun facts

Gizzy: ya the fun facts on us would actually be really good

Gizzy: we could do 100 posts on the 100 things we want to do our 100th post on

Lucky: i really did laugh outloud at that and my laugh sounds like a smokers

Alright kiddos, so what do you want from us on our 100th post?! Let us know…and we’ll do it. That’s how much we love you. All 4 of you.

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22 thoughts on “Keepin’ it one-hun-ed.

  1. I voted you stay up for 100 hours (this should be live blogged so we can note your slide into sleep deprived insanity).
    I was going to vote for you guys eating the chocolate, but didn’t know if you had the 100+ sheets of toilet paper needed for later. heh

  2. The 100 hours would definitely be interesting, especially considering Lucky has a full time job and the 100th post falls on a Friday. I would be curious to see if she still had her job come Oct 22 after completing the challenge.

  3. Dennis Hong says:

    I think you should totally do 100 shots in 100 hours. I tried this in college and failed miserably. And this was when I was in prime drinking shape, too. Woe is me.

    Also, would you do it the “real” way, where you actually take one shot an hour over 100 hours? Or would you cheat and say that you only have to *average* 100 shots in 100 hours?

    Either way, you totally have to post a photo with each shot, so we can see the progression…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • How dare you accuse us of doing something as absurd as taking *average* shots!! I’m sticking my nose up so high, I can barely read this post. Gizzy and I may be silly, but when it comes to drinking we are DEAD serious!

      • Dennis Hong says:

        My bad, my bad. Didn’t mean to offend you! Be careful how high your nose gets, though. Don’t want the shots to accidentally overflow down your nose….

        Well, unless you’re doing one of those flaming shots where you’re *supposed* to inhale the vaporized ethanol…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I love this blog!!!

    I’m sorry your laptop committed suicide. That’s just selfish.

    • I mean, I didn’t even know it had gotten to that point, you know? But don’t you worry, as soon as it gets done at the Dr. Apple, it’s getting a STERN talking to!! And yeah, I read about your latest trip to the Apple store. Go ahead and clean off those pubes why dontcha?

  5. Catherine says:

    I think it’s funny that you have put so much effort into your 100th post. Mine will probably be (in about 40 posts from now): “I’m tired of being emo. I’ve used up all my funmy (what there was of it). I have no more words. I’m retiring Simply Solo.”

    LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. justmarriedgirl says:

    It has to be 100 guys in 100 days. Just think of all the possibilities. They don’t even have to be potential dates. Just introduce yourselves/talk to 100 guys (only 50 each)! It will give a nice retrospective of what is “out there” for all the single girls, and who knows, maybe you’ll both meet someone (though with the Captain and Not Really Josh Duhamel, Gizzy’s already got a full calendar).

    Anyway, that’s my pick.

    I didn’t even think to commemorate my 100th post. Good idea, ladies!

  7. Oh G,

    You are so smart! That is a pretty good idea…like 50 first dates for real! That would really spice up my social calendar.

    I need to think this over!


  8. Melissa says:

    DO NOT DO 100 SHOTS in 100 hours. I like this blog and if you are dead you cant write it.

    I like the meet 100 guys It could make for some FUNNY stories. I might have to do this too. Just to get out of the rut of talking to the same people. And it’s not like you have to marry them. Just meet, say hi, laugh at their shoes. (that’s what I do anyway!)

    you girls are so inspiring!

    • Dennis Hong says:

      DO NOT DO 100 SHOTS in 100 hours. I like this blog and if you are dead you cant write it.

      Okay, L&G… them’s fightin’ words. Are you gonna take that? Or are you gonna show us how 100 shots in 100 hours is done??? :-p

  9. You really think that would kill us? Hmm…shit. I agree, Gizzy & I could benefit from the 100 guys thing. And it would probably turn out to be pretty damn funny…well, everything we do does.


  10. “Lucky: hate the idea of having to meet 100 guys. Iโ€™m in no mental shape to be doing that”

    I laughed out loud at this. Probably because I’m right there with you. At any rate, I’m still voting for it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. I’m glad I could make you literally LOL ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. It makes me nervous that meeting 100 guys is winning. We also didn’t set a poll deadline so I’m going to say the poll closes when this post goes to the next page and then the 100th post challenge beginnnns!! mwhahaaaa. I also love all these comments, they made my whole day.

  13. I haven’t voted yet….so THERE.


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