10 thoughts on “Hey little girl, you smell like cottage cheese. And vomit. So shut the eff up and give me that tiger!

  1. Slamdunk says:

    With those snacks available for blogging, you sound ready to be productive. The tigers must have been fun.

  2. Ohh yeah, extremely productive and the tigers were pretty much the highlight of my life!

  3. misstaing says:

    OMG, your holding a tiger!! We blog alike…no pants and plenty of snacks!

  4. 36x37 says:

    “I’ll probably have some really stupid kids and karma will be like, “HAHA! Shouldn’t have treated your ugly babies like shit!”

    That could totally happen. That’s how Karma works. With guys, I used to be all “Didn’t I hear you went to some Star Wars convention or something? No thanks. Lightsaber elsewhere, please.”

    And now, who has two thumbs and size 3T and 5T Obi Wan Kenobi halloween costumes downstairs? This girl. Thank God my kids are cute enough to get away with it…maybe if I let this stage happen now, they’ll grow out of it.

    • Hahaha ohhh noo, I hope I can still redeem myself. I tell my sister to be nice to her ugly babies now, but I did tell that little girl she smells like puke. Hmm. But I agree it’s better to have your kids going through the star wars phase now then when they are 25, hopefully they don’t come out with anymore movies and you should be safe!

  5. Dennis Hong says:

    *sniff sniff*

    Thank you for using “booberries” properly in this post.


    I’m touched.

  6. justmarriedgirl says:

    Man, that baby tiger really loved you!

    The funny thing is that when I saw the first picture, the thing I noticed immediately (besides the tiger) was the curly hair blocking the picture.

    There was a similar girl in my grade school. At the time, I loathed her, but now, I realize she was probably just a really sad person.

    • Honestly, the person from your grade school is probably that little tiger stealing vermin’s mother because she was just as bad and looked just like her and seemed to think it was perfectly acceptable that her child was being the most annoying person ever. Just a theory though 🙂

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