Where the milk is free.

Aw, poor lil Gizzy. I know the feeling. I’ve been depressed all weekend, because I too am having to face the facts that my life is super boring. What will happen to Cocktails at Tiffany’s if Gizzy and I don’t spice things up? Welp, my guess is a lot more looking into the past and/or making up shit about our awesome futures.

My dad is still in town, we are recovering from yesterday’s drunken football day, and watching more football today—minus the beer (for now, ask me in about four hours). However, I saw something on Thursday that disturbed me so much, I had to capture it and post it for you all:

Seriously? That’s disgusting.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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7 thoughts on “Where the milk is free.

  1. One time, me and some of my sorority sisters went to the football game tailgates as “The Blackout Express” I was the lavatory. Next time I’m totes being the “Lactation Room.”

  2. thedrunxter says:

    i’ll just go ahead and reply on this post since it was the first thing i saw. you guys have a great blog. if i had a sidekick, or had motivation, i would certainly post as much as you girls. anyways! i don’t know where you girls live but it would be a blast if we could ever go drinking together

  3. Well thank you, thank you, kind sir. Me and Giz are huge fans of YOUR blog….we might have to indulge in skype cocktails.


  4. justmarriedgirl says:

    I might be old, but whatever. I think lactation room = genius. I always thought that not having a place for women to breast feed in public places was just another way for men to keep women down in this world. I mean, where are they supposed to do it? In the women’s room? In a dark corner of the mall? Everyone always gets all weirded out when a woman breast feeds in public, but what? Once you have a baby, you can’t leave the house? What is this, 1950? They should have these everywhere. I know you guys think it’s gross, but I’m all for it!

    • Damn Gina, who knew you’d have such an opinion on Lactation rooms?! Don’t get me wrong, if it means breast feeding in private, instead of just on the street, I’m all for it. Honestly, I’ve never seen a Lactation room in my life. The closest thing I’ve seen are the changing tables out in the open, which are also awkward.


  5. I don’t know if disturbed is the way I’d describe my reaction to this, but there is a reaction. It may take me a few days to process it, though. 🙂

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