Description: 6’0″ medium build, dark hair, green eyes, olive skin, HOT!

Occupation: Inactive National Guard, Elementary School Art Teacher

Fun Fact: He does such dumb things that he makes fun of himself for. (I think he’s my soul mate.)

Did I give him my number?: Not yet, but it’s in the works, I tried to play it cool and not come off like a desperate baboon.

Full story to come later this week, because this guy, is actually a good one 🙂 WAHOOO!!! I hope everyone else is jumping for joy and doing their happy dance.  Because I am, really.  Like a tool.

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5 thoughts on “#8

  1. Melissa says:

    Woohoo!! I understand. My happy dance is quite contained right now… But I have snagged a good one too. Just too soon to break out the bootie shakin yet.

  2. bye2mrwrong says:

    I don’t know, it seems that any marriage in Hollywood which is under the limelight is always bound to fail. Its like they are statistically doomed to start off with.

    I was shocked with the news, but had the same feeling when Sandra Bullock’s husband cheated. How could he she’s amazing. And if you see with who!

    On the other hand it goes to show that it has nothing to do with how pretty we are, or smart, or even financially independent. Or maybe its precisely because we’re pretty, smart, independant and all that other stuff.

    What ever it is, there’s never really a good excuse. But it seems that some guys just have to cheat, and cant see a good thing when its staring them in the face. Animal instinct? Are we not meant to be monogamous?

  3. Alexia says:

    Where does his olive skin come from? Ooh, I accidentally wrote ‘olive sin’- interesting! (Though I have no idea what that would mean.)

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