It’s so haaard toooo saaaay goodbye.

It sure it a glorious and beautiful day, isn’t it?

Yeah, this is Lucky here. Why am I so chipper on this lovely Friday, you ask? Because last night, while I was sleeping a wondrous sleep, I got an e-mail from our friend Jesus Belt. And it said exactly what I needed to hear.

Check it out:

To: Lucky

From: David, aka Jesus Belt

Subject: Re: pitches

By the way, regarding the mass e-mail I sent to the writers announcing that we would be pulling back on the Sunday meetings and freelance generally — I should have called you personally, and I am sorry that I didn’t.  You are a special case, and I extremely grateful for your hard work, your awesome attitude, and your amazing reliability as a freelancer.  You work like a professional, and I really appreciate that.  I am going to try to find as much room in the budget for stories from you that I possibly can, and when our page count finally goes up, and we have to expand, I want you to know that you are on the short list of people I would like to offer a full-time position to.  I think we are a long way off from that, and I don’t know that you would even be interested, but it’s meant as a compliment.  You are doing great, just great.  Thanks again.

I mean, is that not completely AWESOME, or what? It was the second e-mail of two, which is why the beginning is weird. I had sent him a message regarding an assignment. In the end, I was upset over basically nothing, and now I don’t have to force anything when I go to the meeting this afternoon—because they like me, they really, really like me!
Anyway, enough of that shit. You might notice I removed our Justin Bieber background. so today, we must say goodbye (partially) to The Bieb. I can’t bring myself to get rid of the header image and go back to the martini glasses. Now, before our (partial) goodbye, let’s get a few things straight. The Bieb still has a very special place in my heart. I do love him. Forever, for-eva-eva.
However, it came to my attention that certain people (ahem, my new blog crush, Inside The Nice Guy) was UNABLE to read our blog during work hours because of the ridicule he would receive if his coworkers glanced over, and saw The Bieb. And that, I just can’t handle. I think I can speak for Gizzy when I say we want nothing more than for this to be a place you can come during work hours, to essentially, avoid doing work (after all, what do you think I’m doing right now)?
So, Nice Guy, I hope I solved the problem—just scroll down to hide The Bieb header.
And secondly, I’m just going to put it out there that The Bieb needs some new material. I mean, I was loving “Baby” and then I saw the movie(s), and then bought the albums, and then watched all the YouTube videos, and then watched him on all the late-night talk shows, and then, juuuuuust when I think I’m done with him, he has to go appear on one of my FAVORITE shows—Fantasy Factory.
Bieber!!!!! What are you trying to do to me? You’re teasing this poor, single, lonely girl. So why don’t come on over and make One Less Lonelyyyyyy Girl, One Less Lonely Girl. I’ll let you inside my world!!!!!
In honor of our (partial) goodbye, here’s an acoustic goodie—because I’ll Never Let You Go 😉
In other news, I wanted to tell you about a date I went on about a month ago. Right after my weekend with Ralphie, I received a package in the mail—I had no idea what it was! When I opened it, it was two tickets to see one of my favorite, very famous and talented, jazz artists. The tickets were from none-other than The Ex.
To make a long story short, I bought a floor-length dress (steel blue with an empire waist adorned with pewter embellishment), some jewels, and even a pair of false eyelashes (which he read the directions for me while I applied them). He took me to a very nice dinner (we ate steaks and potatoes and spinach) and we had drinks (me a martini, him a pinot) before the show. From the restaurant, we walked to the concert, and made it to our seats just in time for the show. It was so awesome! I loved every moment of it—I felt like I had a good friend. On our walk back to the car, he said, “I really enjoyed that, I wasn’t sure if I would.”
“Really, I thought you liked him before?”
“Oh yes, I did, but I really just wanted to do this for you. I know we don’t get to see each other much, and I knew you would like this.”
Aside from Gizzy and Buttons, no one bothered to ask me about it. Had it been any other guy, they would have. But that’s okay. Only I can know what’s right for me, and right now, I need a friend. And The Ex, is doing a pretty good job of being just that.
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8 thoughts on “It’s so haaard toooo saaaay goodbye.

  1. amanalynn says:

    I had the same problem as Inside The Nice Guy… I would have to reduce the window size to just this column, but that looked to obvi. Thank you for (partially) removing bieber.

  2. Matthew says:


    I have no idea what you’re doing to me, or how you’re doing it, but I believe your blog crush just became mutual on my side.

    First, not only has it taken me so long to read this (because of my work fear), but now because of your actions I think I’ve completely embarrassed myself at the coffee house I’m currently sitting at by silent laughing so hard that it literally brought me to tears.

    People are going to think I slipped rum into my coffee.

    And awesome about your jazz night with The Ex. We all need people like that in our lives, one way or another.

    If you ever find yourself in KC we’ve got a pretty good jazz/blue scene here that I want to see more of, I’m just lacking others who are interested in it.

  3. Matthew says:

    Now you’ve gone and made me feel guilty Gizzy. Torn between two women. What’s a guy to do.

    I hope you don’t feel rejected. I love reading what the both of you post *your most recent subject matter maybe the one exception* 😉

    Promise me things won’t get awkward.

  4. justmarriedgirl says:

    I knew it!!! Yay Lucky.

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