Kiss and tell.

{Last time, in Lucky’s latest love attempt, JB invited her to sleep over at his place after a night of drinking and Texas Hold ‘Em. They were just sharing their first kiss…}

I honestly couldn’t believe my balls! I was confident going in for the kiss in my early dating years, but this was a little gutsy! Thankfully, I didn’t get rejected, although it was a little awkward given the position we were in (me still in the chair and him on the floor).

Although my drinking memory has faded me, I know we eventually made it upstairs, to a loft where his bedroom and bathroom is. I started digging around in my purse for, what I assume is, the shacker’s best friend—the Colgate wisp disposable toothbrush.

So, there we stood, him at his sink, brushing his teeth. Me at the guest sink, Wisp-ing.

When I went back into his bedroom, he asked me if I would like something to wear. Naturally, being drunk and a bit of a flirt, I declined and just chucked my jeans and hopped in the bed.

Once he joined me, we kissed more, and he shockingly did what the fabulous blogger Catherinette calls a Bartles & Jaymes (think about it…). It was nice—something I’ve never gotten enough of in previous relationships or hookups (not to get too graphic for you). I didn’t reciprocate. That’s how mean I am (hehe).

Sometime in there…before or after the Bartle & James, he brought up something we’d texted about days before—his recent breakup.

“We were long distance for three years,” he said. “She moved here to see if it could work with us living in the same city…and it didn’t. Even though the breakup is very recent…very recent as in last week, it seemed to be rough for a few months. It was just time.”

What he didn’t know was that I pretty much knew all that after stalking her facebook page and seeing that she already moved back to where she came from. However, I simply said, “well, breakups are hard no matter if you see it coming or not.”

He then assured me, he didn’t want me to be a rebound, as he thought there was more to me than that. I appreciated his honesty, and his comment, but I was a little confused as to where I stood. How was I supposed to avoid being a rebound?

Although I don’t remember it, we eventually fell asleep. When we woke up to my lovely phone alarm, we picked up the conversation and the kissing…okay, and he indulged me in a second (yes, a second) Bartles & Jaymes. I was beginning to feel a little spoiled.

He was laying on the compliments—”you’re a perfect cuddler…not too far away, not too close, and very sexy.”

When then, there was a knock on the door. I froze.

I wondered if it was one of the writers, a friend of his, the ex? Was it someone who was going to see me, laying in his bed sans clothing?

He went downstairs to answer it—complete with morning wood and a shit-eating grin—it was his boss. I listened to their short conversation and JB joined me back in bed.

I needed to get up and get moving, so I did. As I got dressed, he kept pulling be back toward him for kisses. Cheesy, but I was melting. He walked me to my car, kissed me, saying he was glad I stayed over, and that he would text me later—he wanted to cook me dinner.

So I went about my day, playing hooky from work, and skipping off to the hair salon. I was still in my shacker clothes, with bedhead, when who do I see getting a haircut? Fratty.


Somehow, I was able to avoid him. I don’t even know if he saw me.

Later that night, JB said he was starting to cook and asked if I wanted to come over. I was hesitant to, worried things were moving too fast. But, I threw on something decent, grabbed a bottle of wine, and went to his place.

Well. If I thought things were moving too fast, they were about to come to a screeching halt.

He asked me about my day, opened the wine, and fixed me a plate. We ate, and things were fine, until this:

JB: You made some pretty interesting decisions last night, being drunk.

L: I did? Like what?

JB: Staying over here.

L: I wouldn’t say that’s too interesting.

JB: How much of a crush do you have on me?

L: mmm…a little. A crush is a crush…I don’t really know you yet.

JB: Ok, that’s a good answer. I don’t think I was forthright about my recent breakup.

L: Well we did talk about it…unless you don’t remember?

JB: It was just SO recent…

L: Yeah, like last week.

JB: Ok, so maybe I was forthright with you. It’s just strange. But now is a good time to get to know me…

I felt rejected and confused. Why did he invite me over? Why did he fix dinner? How did we go from fooling around in the morning, to already pushing each other away that night? I wanted to leave right then.

However, I stuck it out, he kept refilling my wine, and we talked about general things. Then, he moved to sit next to me on the couch, and was being affectionate…I was more confused than ever and told him I should probably leave.

He walked me to my car and we shared a very awkward goodbye. I’m not sure, but it seemed like he went in for a kiss, and I darted left and gave him a hug. He immediately pulled away, started his walk back home, and said, “Thanks for coming over. See ya.”

I said nothing and drove home. I sent him a text, and told him it was awkward, because I’m not sure what’s allowed and what’s not.

He said we’d talk about it when the both of us were back from our weekend travels.

I consulted ShyGuy, who kindly told me I was a rebound and that JB still wanted to feel like he was in a relationship…but I’ve got to know what you think—spill it.

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8 thoughts on “Kiss and tell.

  1. Melanie says:

    Oh god, I’m so glad I read this blog, it feels a little like a story of what is about to come for me. Except I’m JB (not literally, you’ll be pleased to hear!)

    So i’m just out of a relationship and all broken hearted etc etc (bla bla) and have jumped immediately back on the dating wagon, and would so love to have a night of all that melting in to each other with someone nice.

    Yeah, i think your friend is right though … i only want all that because I NEED A GOD DAMNED CUDDLE, from who ever gives decent cuddles … and i’m not ashamed to admit it! I tried it a couple of weeks ago after a date, but it fell on it’s face, she wasn’t a cuddler, she was a “Yeah let’s be filthy” kinda girl, so not what i was looking for!

    Hm, i might blog about this.

    Anyways, if you see yourself developing feelings for this guy, withdraw … for both of your sakes, because he may not be able to in time, if you know what I mean?

    He sounds very cute though, give him a couple of months and get back in touch with him (unless he’s breaking some other poor rebounds heart at the time!?)

    • Hahaha thanks for the advice! I wouldn’t mind an innocent cuddle here and there…but I am damn good at withdrawing myself, which typically drives the men cray cray!

      We’ll see what happens!


  2. mairedubhtx says:

    A week really is recent. Wonder what the forthcoming was. Yes, he’s probably on the rebound and needs a relationship.

  3. I agree with Shy Guy. It sounds like he likes that you like him, and although he doesn’t want to hurt you, he may not be able to help it.

  4. justmarriedgirl says:

    Hm. I say stay away from any more kissing/texting/non-work related hang outs for a while. He’s just too darn close to that break-up, and he doesn’t know what he wants. You don’t want to be the person he uses to figure things out. He probably likes you, but it seems like he’s just a bit bruised and out of control after getting out of such a long term relationship. Don’t hate him. Just protect yourself!

    Of course, I’m with you no matter what you choose. I just want you to be careful. You deserve a good guy.

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