U smile, I smile.

Since the weird split-breakup-candy-coated-rejection from JB, I’m not going to lie, I’ve felt a little off. I feel like there I went again, all crazy on some guy I barely knew, and chased him off in some way.

Chances are, it’s him not me (ha!), but I’m insecure about that shit.

Tuesday, I had to go into the magazine office to drop off some materials for our photographer. I was dreading it—it would be the first time I saw JB since that night of the awkward dinner/talk.

As I drove over to the office, I was praying to Jesus he wouldn’t be there…it was lunchtime, I thought, surely he would be out. But of course, I saw his car right when I pulled up. I literally groaned out loud: “daaaaaaamn.”

When I went inside, not only was he there, but I could hear him talking to the sports editor—the guy I had the semi-sexual dream about. AWESOME.

Since he wasn’t expecting me, you could tell he was surprised to see me. I handed him the envelope and was ready to turn and walk out (my hands were shaking and my mouth was going dry). But of course, he started asking me a bunch of questions: what’s in here? What’s it for? What are you doing today? Do you know who I could contact for this story?

I finally just said I needed to get back to my big girl job, turned, and left.

It seems we’ve gotten into a routine of replying each other’s texts a day apart, which is basically pointless. Two nights prior, he had sent me a text about his trip. So Tuesday night, I responded. He didn’t respond until Wednesday night.

In my response, I kept it minimal—one word.

Well, my next assignment is to undergo a kickboxing boot camp and then kick someone’s ass at the end. Who’s ass will I be kicking? Take a guess.

At 12:40 am, JB sends, “When is our kickboxing deathmatch?”

Then another, “I’m a little nervous. I’m pretty out of shape.”

Me, “I need to go to the gym and figure out the boot camp situation.”

JB, “If I feel threatened I’ll totally go berserk on you. My little brother will tell you…”

Me, “I’m going to kick your ass. Don’t worry.”

And I am dead set on it. Lil brat. I was starting to get the vibe that I’d read our previous conversation (about giving him time) completely wrong. I felt like he meant to say he didn’t want to have anything to do with me, which I think would be completely ridiculous. Believe it or not, I am perfectly capable of getting to know someone without getting naked.

But that is where we stand now.

If I was feeling the least bit down about all that, a little someone with a little something cheered me up yesterday. The Ex completely surprised me at my office, carrying a plastic bag. I was shocked to see him in the first place, but what was in the bag?

None other than Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” on DVD!

Uh, HOLLA! It came out a week ago, and I completely wanted to go to Best Buy at midnight and get it, but I was still so sleepy from my late nights with (the other) JB. Heh heh.

I immediately ripped it open and popped it in my computer for a little work watch party by myself.

“I can’t believe I just contributed to this,” the ex said.


Let me tell you, Never Say Never was just as delicious as it was the first two times I saw it. Here’s why:

1. Scooter Braun

I think I’ve mentioned this before, that I think Justin’s manager, Scooter is pretty sexy.

Okay, so he was arrested. Everyone loves a bad boy.

2. The Special Features

There are loads of special features on the DVD such as: a concert dance-off, a performance of “Favorite Girl,” RIP hair flip (a video of The Bieb getting his infamous new haircut), and a video clip of Justin’s team giving away free tickets to The Bieb concerts.

3. U Smile

This song has got to be one of, if not, my favorite JB song—seriously, so sweet. I love seeing the live performance.

4. Usher

Being that Usher is The Bieb’s role model, it’s no shocker that he’s in about half of the movie. And he looks GOOD.

5. One Less Lonely Girl

I don’t particularly love this song, but there is a part in the movie where Justin performs it. During each live performance of this song, a random girl is picked from the audience and gets to go on stage, get serenaded by Justin and gets a huge bouquet of roses. It seriously brings tears to my eyes.


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5 thoughts on “U smile, I smile.

  1. Melanie says:

    You just went soooo much further down in my estimations on the Bieber thing. Isn’t he a lesbian, anyway?

    • Excuse me?

      As a supporter of gay rights and no hate against the LBGT community, I would assume it’s quite inappropriate to judge someone’s sexuality from their haircut, their looks, their music, etc.

      So no, Justin Bieber is not a lesbian. He has a penis.

      Thanks for looking like an idiot.


  2. Melanie says:

    are you actually joking!? I think perhaps the irony was lost in the pond somewhere.

    As I’m a lesbian … I think you can take my comment with a pinch of salt.

  3. justmarriedgirl says:

    How do we distinguish between JB (The Belt) and JB (The Bieb)? For now, I’m going with JBelt and JBieb.

    BTW: I’m still wary of JBelt. Be careful! But have fun.

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