Lucky vs. Everyone.

I love how this blog has turned into The Lucky & Gizzy Fit Club. Honestly, the two biggest sloths on this earth have given into society and its healthy, skinny ways, all for what? WHAT?

After my second boxing class last night, I’m completely addicted.

Yeah, I was pretty sore after my first class. In fact, when I woke up yesterday morning and my calves were still throbbing, I was wondering if I was going to be able to keep my promise of going to class last night. But I knew I couldn’t give in just yet.

So I went, and it actually made my sore muscles feel BETTER—weird. And punching that bag felt fucking amazing.

A lot of things have been grinding my gears lately. Things that probably shouldn’t. I blame that completely on anxiety, which in turn, sends my OCD into overdrive.

Things like…work meetings not starting right on the dot. Or, people arriving to meet me even one minute late. Traffic. The mailman. My coworkers. People not making plans. Or making plans and then not sticking to them. People wanting favors.

After weeks without talking to my boss, she stepped into my office the other afternoon and told me she is getting a divorce.

She said her marriage had been going downhill for sometime now, but she had just told her kids—a 16 year old son and a 9 year old girl.

She said while her daughter seemed to be taking things okay, her son was angry. She said her husband completely blamed her in front of their kids, turning the son against her.

While a divorce doesn’t excuse her unprofessionalism toward me in these last few weeks, I really felt for her. I told her I was 16 when my parents divorced, and although I don’t remember being directly upset about it at the time, I acted out, and was a brat.

So yeah. I’ve been trying to think of something nice me and my department can do for her…something that is nice but at the same time, appropriate for the occasion. For now, I just told her to let me know if she or her kids needed anything.

In other office news, Shyneesha and I have a mutual friend in the office, Ashley. Yesterday was Ashley’s birthday, and Shyneesha and I had been planning a little something for her for weeks. We wanted to decorate her office the night before (to surprise her on her birthday), bring her a Starbucks latte, take her to lunch, and give her a small gift.

Buttons, of all people, can relate to what’s coming next. It’s that scenario when a giant group is at a restaurant, and no one wants to split the check, they just want to give one person cash. WELL the person with the card ends up getting screwed.

So here we are. I went to get the gift, something small—$10. In return, Shyneesha was supposed to buy the balloons/decor for the office. Okay, so we go to get the decor…she picks out one $3 balloon and two plain balloons that were $1 each. Yet, when we checked out, she didn’t get charged for the two plain balloons.

Lucky: -$10

Shyneesha: -$3

So we decorate the office. And I say I’ll get the latte in the morning…wait…so she says she’ll get a card. Agreed.

So I go get a latte: $5

We arrive at work, surprise Ashley, and I notice no card.

So I’m out $15 while Shyneesha is out only $3. You see, the original plan was that she was going to go halfsies on the gift.


We had already agreed to split Ashley’s lunch. So we go eat, get the checks. And she pulls the famous line: “Oh you have a card? I’ll just give you cash.”

While Ashley’s check was only $11, I put it and mine on my card—$22, Shyneesha gave me $6, which I suppose is ok, although I left a $5 tip.

I’m not trying to be a cheapskate, but shit. Cut me some damn slack and at least do a courtesy, “are you sure we’re even here?”

People have no manners anymore. Which goes right back to my list of “things that piss me off”—being late, no manners, not making plans or following through with them, no manners.


On the dating front? Things have come to a NEAR halt. Remember Wes? He totally friended me on Facebook. Which…is all fine and dandy, but I’d much rather him just fucking text me and take me on a date.

Wes the Wuss?

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One thought on “Lucky vs. Everyone.

  1. Matthew says:

    Agreed. Manner are few and far between these days.

    That’s up there on my peeves along with being flaky or going nearly 10 below the speed limit (and discovering one or more of the following in the drivers hand: cell, coffee, food, cigarette). Oddly, there was a case I think I saw three at once.

    Where the person got that third arm from I have no idea.

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