When it rains…

I don’t even know where to begin.

When Friday rolled around, I was feeling pretty down in the dumps because I was certain JBelt was across the country visiting his ex girlfriend…apparently she’s a comedienne and everyone just thinks she’s ssooooooo funny. Including him.

Well, I can tell you I looked her up on YouTube, and she ain’t that funny. But whatever.

So, Friday night I spent 4 hours on the phone with Gizzy, talkin’ dating and dieting. And I decided to call it an early night, as I promised myself I would go to boxing in the morning.

Even though I wanted to sleep later, I went. And it was worth it—I got worked! One step closer to that rockin’ bod, kids! Anyway, the guy at the heavy bag next to me was pretty cute, but he was really into the work out—telling the bag he was “Gonna fuck you up!”

Then, shockingly, when the workout was over, he gave me a high five, along with a “Nice job!!!!” And later he introduced himself as Larry. Scary Larry. Just kidding. He’s the second guy that’s introduced himself to me at the gym and while I wouldn’t be thrilled to date him, it’s nice to have friends around, right?

After the gym, I put on my swimsuit and went to meet my friend Clay at the pool. Clay is such a cutie, with great white teeth. Sigh. He’s got a damn girlfriend. However, we still had fun just chatting and drinking in the sun.

Around 5:30 I had to get back home to get ready—my old coworker John was driving in TWO HOURS to come have dinner with me and see The Hangover Part II with me.

So we go to dinner. And at dinner he confesses that when we worked together, he wanted to ask me out, but he was afraid it would be weird since we worked together. I just sort of laughed it off.

There were times when I thought he was cool and funny, but I just don’t know if we’d fit into each other’s lives very well. We are very different.

Anyway, he insists on paying for the meal, and we’re off to the movie. He’d already gotten the tickets online, but once we arrived at the theatre, there was an issue, so he ended up buying a second pair of tickets. The movie was pretty funny…but about 3/4 the way through the flick, he puts his hand, palm-up, in my lap.

I looked at him and said, “what?”

He wanted me to hold his hand. Is that sweet or awkward? I went with it.

After the movie, we met up with some other coworkers for a few beers. He had plans to stay at one of the guys’ places, but the guy proceeds to warn him it will be a packed house and “if Lucky has a couch, you should sleep there.”

Umm, thanks, buddy.

Normally, this wouldn’t have been a big deal, but I knew it might turn into something else, so I was hesitant. But John had to drive me back home, and on the way there, he asked me if he could crash.

I said it was no big deal. When we got inside, it was sort of awkward, I was tired and wanted to sleep in my bed, alone, but he was like….”so you wanna watch tv?”

So we sit on the couch, watch tv, and talk for awhile. Then…he scoots in a little closer and says, “So, tell me if I’m stepping over the line here…” and goes in for the kiss. And we made out. And it was nice….except…nearly the whole time, I was thinking about JBelt.

Am I a sick fuck? Or what?

When he pulled away he said, “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” Awww/hmmm.

After more kissing and more tv, I tell him I’m fading fast—it was just after 3 am. I’d been up since 9.

“No fading allowed, unless I get to go back there with you…”

And that’s what I was afraid of. He wanted to sleep in the bed with me. I didn’t know how to say no. So we slept in my bed and luckily, I didn’t have to fight off any funny business. But he insisted on talking and kissing more and more and I finally had to act like I was asleep to get him to stop.

I feel like a bitch, but you know, the spark wasn’t there. Or was it? I don’t know.

Anyway, while you all are off having cookouts and beers, I’m at fucking work because we don’t get today off because my life sucks. My uncynical side however, is thankful that we are having a lunch cookout at work.

I made the tater salad.

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10 thoughts on “When it rains…

  1. The T says:

    You know…this would be sooooo much easier if there wasn’t a “bieber” on your site… I have so visited you several times..but some on baby… please…effort to find a new theme…

    As for your circumstance… well, never…never sell out.. hold your efforts strong…resist men you don’t feel worthy of you…yet you should speak up instead of wondering if you shoud say something or not…

    EWWWW…. do not think of one guy while another is kissing you… be cool with such things…tell a man kissing is not permitted instead of leading him to better pastures… be upfront, we appreciate such truths…


    • I’m not your baby, so don’t call me that. And if you don’t like the Bieber header, then don’t come to the blog.

      Nothing like kicking off a Monday morning with a comment from an asshole.


    • Matthew says:

      The Beid used to be “worse” and the lovely L and G here made a gesture in the dirction of compromise based on some comments about the previous Uber-Beib that was this blog.

      Now, I feel if the above banner changed, it wouldn’t quite feel the same here. (never thought I’d ever support that kid).

  2. The T says:

    wow… the need to call someone a name… it’s cool, I’ve got a friend for you to date…his name is Karma….he’ll come visit you, so no need to ask for his number…

    Remember to tell him I said hello…


  3. Matthew says:

    Even I felt uncomfotable reading some of those circumstances.

    I give the guy props for putting himself out there but I find a little awkwardness in how he did some things…like the hand at the movie? Palm up and technically asking you to put your hand in his?

    My perspective; go for the hand or palm down on the knee *obviously don’t want to go too high on the leg ;)* and then see how the girl responds.

    Will she take your hand? Move hers away. Etc.

    I will admit, it’s a bit sketchy the whole thinking of JB while kissing this dude. But you also left us hanging a bit on how you ‘actually’ feel about the possiblity with this guy; besides the uncertainty but going-with-it vibe.

    • Thanks for sticking up for us and The Bieb, Matthew!

      I do agree John was pretty forward. I mean he did say he was thinking of asking me out when we worked together, but I figured those feelings were past-tense and no longer.

      It seemed to me that after we made out, it was all of the sudden like we were boyfriend/girlfriend…him in my bed, saying he just couldn’t stop kissing me, asking me if I was going to “give him a reason to come back in town,” I don’t know if he was moving too fast or if I’m just used to guys giving me the runaround.

      Either way, now that I’ve thought about it for a few days, I know I’m just not attracted to John. I appreciate his kindness, but I was completely blind-sighted by the all-of-the-sudden date. I thought it was a friends thing! He’s an outdoorsmen, while I’m more high-maintenance, he’s scrawny and pale, while I’m tan and hot, and you know what? He does not drink.

      He does not drink. I have no clue how he could be attracted to me whatsoever.


      • Matthew says:

        Wait a minute here chica. Are you suggesting this guy would need to drink to be able to be attracted to you?

        I hope that’s a sarcastic self-depreciation there.

        Sounds a lot like a situation I recently went through with a college friend I randomly ran into a few months back (after nearly going 10 years since last seeing each other).

        We had hung out a couple times after bumping into each other (I helped her with a cognitive pysch final and helped her move) and then we saw each other again at a mutual friends bday party.

        She asked how I had been and I started telling her about this incredible girl I had met online and was really in to and she got all weird.

        Later that night she confessed that she was interested in me and thought she had made it very clear.

        I had NO idea. I thought everything was purely platonic. She had told me, the night I helped her with the final, that she had a crush on me in college.

        And that’s how I read it. In college. I didn’t think it carried over into the ‘now.

        Needless to say it did get a little awkward after that, not due to my actions. I told her where I was and that I just didn’t feel that way.

        She then would not let it go for a few days (meaning apologetic texts and calls).

  4. Haha no, I don’t mean that he, or any other guy, nees to drink to be attracted to me.

    I’m saying that he has taken a stand against drinking…like he does not drink at all. So, I don’t understand how he can think me going out and getting wasted on a regular basis is attractive. Does that make sense? Like I don’t think he’d want to hang out with me drunk, while he is sober, or whatever…

    But yeah our situations are similar, and it sucks. He has already texted me to hang out again and I just told him I’d have to see.

    Grass is greener. If it were a guy I was actually into, I’d love the attention.

    C’est la vie!


    • Matthew says:

      Alright. That makes a bit more sense.

      But, for the sake of argument, you’d be surprised what people (men/women) don’t have a problem with when it comes to drinking, whether they want to and the choices their partner makes.

      For example, I don’t drink much when I’m out (with the GF or friends). I typically will have 1, maybe two drinks, depending on how long we intend to be out.

      But this doesn’t change even if the nights plan is to go to a bar.

      I just don’t like getting drunk, or even buzzed, when I’m out.

      For me it’s a responsibility and accountability thing. I place myself in a position where I feel responsible for those I’m with so I want to be able to be ready to handle any situation that may arise. I sat at a bar last weekend for about 4 hours and didn’t have a single drink. Even the bartender commented on how surprised he was.

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