A place to call my own in blackout town

Does everyone remember how for the past 6 months I’ve been complaining about petty things like not having a door, 4 walls, or privacy at my apartment?  Well, it finally happened.  I finally got my own room and I’m in the midst of making it a lavish little suite for myself.  I got myself a huge dresser, some night stands, some new towels for all the guests that frequent MY bathroom.  It’s just wonderful.  Now I just need to get myself a king sized bed and a hot man to go in it and I’ll be all set.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, JM moved out last weekend and crackhead Tim isn’t moving in within the foreseeable future.   So, we threw JM a little going away bash last Friday.  Like most nights we go out, I wasn’t excited to drink and spend money because I wanted to sit at home on the couch and relax.  Since it was his last night in town I forced myself to go and had the best night out since I’ve moved here.  Wamp, wamp, wamp.

Yeah, so I had a good time.  But, I also was sent home before 11pm and threw up in the barrel of my blow dryer and on my “inside  gym shoes.”  Not only did I lose what would’ve been a perfectly productive Saturday and my dignity, I also had to go out and buy a new blow dryer AND new shoes.  I can’t say I even remember much from the going away party, I just know that 4 beers and 4 shots later it was a blast.  And that’s really all I have to say.  Man, my life is boring.  Anyone up for another story about how I blew off a perfectly great guy, now he’s married, and I’m…. here?


Anyway,  do you guys remember high school crush?  I would put the link up from when we were supposed to hang out and it never happened back around Thanksgiving, but I’m at work.  Currently typing this whole blog out in an email so that I can copy and paste it and be on the site for as little time as possible.  In my head I’m telling myself keeping it under 30 seconds will keep any flags in IT from going off and sounding the horn that Gizzy is at work posting a blog about her lame life.  




But yeah, so he has been in my dreams like every single night this week.  It’s so weird, sometimes he’s just in the background and sometimes we’re talking and hanging out and what not.  They’re not like dreams from back in high school either of when we would hang out.  I would venture to call those nightmares, and been there done that.  I had those nightmares like every night for the 2 months following senior spring break after I didn’t get the final rose.  They are like present day dreams, where we have jobs and apartments and we live in our different cities, never talk to each other, and are basically strangers.




One of them was him and his friends came to my city for the weekend and he called me up and asked if I wanted to hang out with them, I agreed and we hit it off and made out.  I don’t know why I am even questioning if these are residual feelings from high school, clearly they are.  Everyone else in the world has sex dreams, and my subconscious is still back in high school trying to make out with my crush of 12 years.  BUT, this dream isn’t that farfetched, him and his friends do come here every summer.  So I just need to weasel my way into making him want to call me.  I should see the signs, he’s not that into me or else I would’ve gotten the final rose.  This is what we call, Charlie Sheen with me now… LOSING.




Anyway, I need some of you dream decoders out there to tell me what this means.  Maybe we are soul mates and my subconscious is trying to tell me to woman up and just call him and be like, “Oh hey high school crush do you want to be my BF and get married next summer?” “You do?!” “Cool, cause me and my subconscious already planned out the whole wedding last night while I was asleep.  Our colors are gray and rose pink.  You’ll be wearing one of those tuxes with the long tail, oh and it will be on the beach.  Let your parents know, see you there!” Mwahahah, I wish.  God, I am so lame.  For real. 




Well, there we have it.  Everything I just said is also going to be my whole entire weekend.  Ie: Enjoying my new room, taking baths in my new Jacuzzi tub while dreaming about high school crush and all the other men out there I’ve liked but never gotten.   Probably throw a little SIM action in there and call it a day.  I’m really glad that after 3 weeks of boot camp where my body is starting to look beach ready, I’m staying at home every night with only my SIMS to show it off to.  Really, don’t be surprised if you get on here this weekend and find bikini pictures with the face blurred out.  That will be me, fishing for compliments.

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4 thoughts on “A place to call my own in blackout town

  1. Melissa says:

    Ahahah, I do the same thing at work. Except I type everything in an inconspicious .txt document. Then I quickly log in, paste, sign out. Delete some history and caches and we’re all good… So far, anyway.

  2. Matthew says:

    Well, first congrats on the private room. I think the odds of a man could increase for you now. I had to point out to the GF the irony I found that I had lived in own apartment for 2 1/2 years and it wasn’t until I moved in with a couple friends that I started dating someone.


    The dream(s) could simply be that this guy is on your mind a lot and the more you dream, the more you think and the more you dream.

    Or he could be a symbol of your past and it may not be ‘he’ that you are fawning over but there’s something in your past that you yearn for.

    Just a random interpretation.

  3. I like that you used the word “Yern” it makes me sound cooler and like I might be in one of those steamy romance novels. But, I think you might be right. I caught myself looking at his facebook page this weekend after a week of dreams and had another one, oh well its a nice thought to wake up to 🙂

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