Leave me aloooone!!!!

Can I just start out by saying I am getting pretty good at the whole blogging at work thing? It’s pretty nice to take some time to myself and sit with a bag of chips on my desk pretending to eat lunch for 2 hours a day.

My weekend wasn’t nearly as exciting as Lucky’s, as per usual. Friday night Anth and I stayed in to do some work on the 3 cases of beer we had purchased the weekend prior for JM’s going away party, we played drinking games, gossiped, and watched AFV and played drunken Jeopardy. The perfect night if you ask me. I was pretty hungover the following day after drinking literally half a case of bud light and summoned myself to bed for the next 2 days with flu like symptoms. I don’t know if it’s because I was feeling under the weather or if I’m just starting to come to my senses a little bit, but anything any of the guys did just got under my skin the whole weekend. Then I started to get annoyed with the men on tv, and even my dad. Like seriously? Why are guys so annoying?

I whined most of Saturday morning to Anth about how I didn’t feel good and how he needed to shut up so I could take a nap. Finally at 3pm he said he was going out to a party. Then, just as I was about to drift off to sleep I hear him knocking on my door, asking if I will take him to the party. “NO! Drive yourself. Go away!” I think I should probably back up a little so everyone can see just HOW nice I am to these guys. Wednesday evening I’m sitting in my new room, putting my new dresser together, enjoying some solitude because the boys went to a concert. My phone rings, and it’s Anth. “Um, they won’t let us into the concert because I’m wearing shorts and Doogie has on flip flops. Can you bring me some jeans and Doogie his Chucks?” “Are you effing kidding me? Where is it, I’m not driving more than 10 minutes each way.” “It’s at the House of Blues.” Ooooof course it is. I gathered up their crap and dropped it off to them. An hour and some odd minutes later I was back to my dresser. So that’s 1 nice thing I did. Not to mention I bought a bunch of bananas to try and force myself to eat breakfast and only got 1 of them because Anth hoovered the rest of them. Now he’s asking me to take him to a party on a Saturday afternoon when traffic is at its ultimate worst, I have no gas, AND I don’t feel good. He can eat one. I stuck to my grounds and told him to leave me alone. Then the BBM’s started.

A: Pleeeeaaaaase
G: NO! Sleep.
A: I’ll buy you dinner
G: You still owe me for bringing you pants, lets not bite off more than we can chew here.
A: Gizzy, please. I have to take chips, salsa, and beer. WTF.
G: You don’t even have any chips and salsa.
A: I know…. All the more reason not to take a cab. Gizzy, come on I would do it for you.

Here’s where I got really pissed. NO, you would not do it for me, because I would never ask. I would either drive myself, take the subway, or take a cab. But I would NEVER ask you to take me to the grocery store, wait in the car, and then take me to a party. I would not. Because I have manners, and consideration for others and their time. I wouldn’t mind doing it for someone every now and then, but it’s seriously starting to get ridiculous. I would say on average I drive him somewhere to get drunk at least once a week. It also wouldn’t be so bad if traffic in this city didn’t make you want to kill yourself. So I stuck my grounds and ignored him.

Then I hear the banging on my door again. What now? “Doogie said he would drive me if he can take your car.” His is dead and Anth’s is a stick. Of course he can’t drive a stick, because what man can? So I throw my keys at them and tell them they better put gas in it because it’s empty.

Sunday rolls around and I decide to eat my left over pizza from Friday night. I go to the fridge and it’s gone. I know what happened to it, but I want to make a big deal about it. “SO WHERE’S MY GD PIZZA?!” Doogie: “Oh yeah, sorry I smashed that last night.” Gizzy: Are you serious? Did you pay for it? Did you order it? Did you only get 1 piece of it? Doogie: Sorry, I owe you big. Gizzy: Seriously, leave me alone. Both of you. So I go out to my car to go to get food and what do I find? No gas and 2 apple cores sitting in my console left by them to rot. My new sunglasses tossed in the backseat with everything else that was in the passenger’s seat on top of them.

So while I’m at the store I get this BBM from Anth:

We’re grilling out Brats do you want one?

I replied that I had 2 hot dogs left in the refrigerator so if he could throw ONE of those on for me it would be stellar and would not even begin to make up for what they had done to me. Then a few minutes later he replies asking if I am going to eat both of the hot dogs because if not he’ll eat the other one. I reply, “YES. Yes, I am going to eat both hot dogs at some point. I don’t buy food for you to eat, and for me to not eat.” He replies, “Oh, well you might want to buy some more while you’re at the store then.” I reply “I said to make 1 of them. IDIOT.” So, I come back, call him a dbag, “accidentally” break his favorite glass and retreat to my room for the rest of the night without saying a word to either of them.

Like I’m sorry, but can someone please explain to me what makes them think it’s ok to eat food that someone else purchased for themselves? Like I would just never do that. Okay, like a cheese slice here and there or something like that is no big deal. But we’re talking they will eat full on meals that I have in the fridge or if I bring home leftovers I don’t even get the opportunity to eat them. Like saying that you owe me one does not make this ok. I don’t make a ton of money and I certainly don’t like having to go to the grocery store every 2 days to replace food of mine that they ate.

I am planning on bringing my mini-fridge from home this weekend to house any leftovers and things I don’t want them eating. But these guys are 26 years old, they have money and ways to get to the store to buy themselves food so why do they insist on eating mine? Well, I’m not going to stand for it. I’m going to continue to go off and break dishes every time they do it. That will show them. The next time they go to eat MY food, they won’t have anything to eat it off of. HA! This is not my first rodeo.

Just to add fuel to the fire, after work yesterday while I’m sitting in rush over traffic I get this email on my phone:

Subject: Cleaning Sesh
To: Doogie, Gizzy

Sometime this week? Landlord is coming to fix the ice maker this week sometime he said.

Reply from: Doogie

Yeah I got the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms, ours is gnarly. We need to organize the freezer, I have no idea where my stuff is.

Ok, boys. HAVE AT IT! I am sitting this one out, because I’ve had about 10 “cleaning sesh’s” by myself. UGH! And I would like to throw out a special thank you to all of you for listening to me rant for the past 10 minutes. A good Tuesday to you!

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6 thoughts on “Leave me aloooone!!!!

  1. They think it’s okay because you let them do it.

    If they eat a pizza, I would take the price of the entire pizza and take it out of the rent money. ate a sandwich? Minus $10 of rent. Ate a hot dog? Minus $3 of rent. No gas? minus $50 of rent.

    Just sayin.


    • Yeah that is a good idea, and I think it would work if I was still paying rent to them but since I moved up in the world I pay the landlord and I’d only be screwing over myself. I’m thinking eye for an eye will be my tactic, they eat something of mine I eat something of theirs, even if it is cottage cheese and pickles.

  2. Matthew says:

    I think the only approproiate thing to say here is…….

    “Fuck Yeah!” (in your honor)

  3. Boys suck. That is all.

    • Yes they do! In a way its good, they’re teaching me what it would be like to live with a husband and from what I’ve seen I think I’m better off being single and adopting cats and asians.

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