It could happen to you!

First, let me apologize for a mostly no post Thursday.  I know I am notorious for no post days but I didn’t intend for today to be one of those days, allow me to elaborate.  

I was sitting at my desk with a stack of papers and a bag of chips in front of me pretending to work diligently and eat lunch at the same time while typing my blog into an email draft as I have been for the past week.  I’m such a good worker.  Then, I did the unspeakable.  I got distracted by actual work and sent my half drafted blog to a co-worker.  

Fortunately for me, I sent it to the one person at that god forsaken place who is actually my friend, her name is Morgan.  Of course I had to explain what the email was all about, and well, lets just all welcome our new reader Morgan from my work!  Unfortunately, tomorrow is Morgan’s last day, she’s moving across the country and her and her boyfriend bought a house, so they’re going to be thousands of miles away, being perfect. So jeal.  And now I am back to having no friends at work.

Anyway, the original intention of my post today was about a few other things.  One of those being my exciting weekend plans.  Tomorrow I’m traveling back to SHIT U to get drunk with Gigi.  JUST LIKE LAST SUMMER! It’s going to be full of drama, some making out, and hopefully some sex, definitely some drinks, and hopefully some good stories.  Just for you.

Like maybe I’ll hook up with HOTTIE, or a stranger, orrrrr…. those are really my only options.  But it’s quite exciting.  I’m also scared.  I’m scared because it was almost a year ago when The Incident happened and it was also EXACTLY a year ago today that I invited HOTTIE into my bed and he denied me.  I don’t even know if he still goes to SHIT U or lives in the city.  Ohhh what will happen! It’s so exciting, I’m going to lose my 3rd virginity tomorrow night and it’s going to be AWESOME!

I’m not going to drone on about what I had for dinner but lets just hope I have some goodies to blog about come tomorrow.    Adios my migos!




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