Change is gonna come.

Every morning, before TODAY comes on, I watch (or rather, have it on while I get ready) an episode of Home Improvement. The other morning, it was Jill’s birthday, and Tim was scrambling around trying to figure out the perfect gift to give her and he comes up with nothing.

Per usual, he seeks advice from Wilson, who tells him that a birthday isn’t necessarily about gifts or parties, but more about the journey it took to get there.

Tomorrow is my birthday.

Each year, when this day rolls around, I get a little sad, perhaps a bit reflective. Much like on New Year’s Eve, I assume I get anxiety over another year gone by, and me, not necessarily being where I want to be, or where I thought I’d be in life.

Last year, at this time, I was dating Fratty. I was still upset over my breakup with The Ex, yet happy to have a guy to share my days with. On my birthday, Fratty showed up at my door with a bouquet of flowers behind his back, before taking me out for sushi and sake.

It was probably the sweetest birthday I’d ever had.

Over the last few weeks, change has occurred. Nothing monumental. I still live in the same boring apartment, I still work at the same annoying place, and I still do freelance for the same assholes.

But, for the first time, in a long time, I’m not talking to the ex, I don’t have a crush on anyone, I haven’t even had my phone volume on. It’s just me.

My utter disgust for the male sex has been building over the last few months, as I gather evidence for my case. But in general, something inside me snapped. I asked The Ex (weeks ago) if he knew what day my birthday was.

He didn’t, and still doesn’t, know.

I’ve never been big on celebrating my own birthday. But for someone, who supposedly loved me, and who has known me for four years, to say they don’t know when my birthday is…truly breaks my heart. It’s a level of selfishness that I just cannot understand.

This year, on my birthday, I just want to celebrate the people around me that care. It might not be a slew of people, but at least it’s real.

In other, less depressing news, I read this article the other day about Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger making comments about Jennifer Aniston. Hrmm…

Now, for the most part, I like Patti and her advice…after all, I took myself on a date, didn’t I? I especially enjoy following her on Twitter, as she gives great tips. See:

  • “Sometimes when the one you love pulls away, you have to give him chase space to miss you.”
  • “If a man misses two weekends in a row & doesn’t ask you out, it’s time to get busy with another guy.”
  • “She who asks for everything gets nothing. She who asks for nothing gets the world.”
But, she said a few things in her article about Jenn that ticked me off. Read:
  • “She’s not a great picker—she had John Mayer. C’mon, let’s be serious.”
  • “You want to have a flirty cocktail that matches your personality. Anything that says, ‘hey I’m different I’m not just a vodka soda’ kind of girl.”
Ummm. 1. I love John Mayer. Does Patti know him personally in order to be dissing his status as a partner? I think not! And 2. Vodka soda is my favorite thing to drink. Does that mean I’m boring? Because I’m pretty sure it means I’m a hardcore drinker who likes vodka and doesn’t have to cover it up with sugar and calories. Hrmmmm??
Anyway, I think it’s time to board my plane. Off to Gizzy’s!
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9 thoughts on “Change is gonna come.

  1. Danielle's Dish says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. justmarriedgirl says:

    I’m a little late here, but happy birthday, Lucky!! Hope you had a great time with Gizzy. Can’t wait to hear about it!!


  3. Catherine says:

    Happy belated birthday 🙂 I hope it was good…and as far as your “just me” time? I think it could be really healthy. The first time I’ve felt like I could breathe was after I asked my ex not to contact me anymore. Rehashing everything was tearing me apart. Unfortunately, had to do it again recently as well, but at least it’s done… hard stuff.

    • Thanks, Catherine!

      My birthday was great—always fun to be with my bff Gizzy! I agree, being “alone,” or truly single, as I’m calling it…is quite pleasant and feels very freeing.


  4. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful time with Gizzy! (I’m still catching up on your blog posts, so don’t spoil it for me.)

  5. Matthew says:

    Crap. You see…this is what happens when you get WAY behind in posts and are not only behind on the actual post…but a celebrated event too.

    For what it is worth, Happy Birthday Lucky!

    I used to watch that while getting ready for work too (a long while ago). Then it was a cartoon on Disney. Then Boy Meets World.

    Ahhh…good times.

    Hidey-Ho Neighbor.

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