Everything’s hotter in Texas

Whew! My sincere apologies over the long wait for updates on my visit with Gizzy and my adventures with Nicole and Ben’s wedding extravaganza. It’s been a hell of a week—in a good way.

My vacation started off Friday morning with a trip to the airport, where I enjoyed a delicious bloody mary pre-flight. I was due at the lovely Bush International airport at 1 pm, and then was scheduled to fly onto Gizzy’s town from there at 3:30. Sweet enough.

I indulged in a second bloody mary onboard (a new guilty pleasure of mine) so I arrived in Houston nice and toasty. Since I had a few hours to kill, I posted up at a bar near my gate…it was a little Mexican place with Dos Equis on tap. There, I spotted a few hotties, but was mainly enjoying my conversation with an older woman who had just moved to Houston.

The flights around us, all going to Gizzy’s big city, were getting delayed left and right due to weather…so I kept an eye on my phone, checking the status of mine. Although it said it was delayed, I went to the gate at 3.

Once I got there, the lady at the flight counter made an announcement saying our plane was having a mechanical failure and needed a new part, and she would give us an update at 4:30. So I waited.

At 4:30, she said the new flight time was 9 pm. So I told Gizzy the deal and made my way to Bubba’s—a restaurant and bar near my gate. It was there I found a cheap 32-ounce brewsky, and called my mom to spill the beans. When I got off the phone, a very cute gentleman had parked next to me and said we were on the same delayed flight.

At this point, I didn’t know his name, I just knew he looked very cute in his baseball hat and had really straight white teeth—two things I’m an absolute sucker for. We talked, we drank, we ate dinner…then walked back to our gate around 7pm—two hours before the scheduled flight time.

And what? The plane was gone.

We joined a few fellow passengers at the service desk, who informed us that the plane had left with only half its passengers. Pretty. Fucking. Awesome.

We waited in line for 30 minutes before someone from our flight made it to the front. And I watched as the woman behind the desk was a complete bitch, saying she “just can’t deal with this drama.”

From the line I said, “Uh, are you fucking kidding me??”

Like yes, I know that’s a shitty job, but it’s not my fault you have to work it, and it is also not my fault the airline left 2 hours prior to the departing time.

Once me and my bar buddy got to the desk, we were told to go somewhere else, another help desk. Well, after a few minutes of walking and searching, I found out there was no such help desk and we had to walk outside the airport and start all over to book new flights.

New flights that didn’t leave until the next day.

And a Happy birthday to me.

It was then that my buddy introduced himself as Matt. Of course! I think I have a curse finding guys named Matt…but how could it be a curse when he was so cute, right?

“Well I don’t know how you feel going out with a stranger, but we could go to a bar if you’d like,” I agreed on one condition—that he not murder me a la Natalee Holloway.

So, I took his picture and sent his description to Gizzy. And then we jumped in the cab and headed to his apartment. Once we got there, he told me this whole thing was just too weird, so I should wait outside while he dropped off his suitcase.

So I waited. And yeah, the whole thing WAS fucking weird, but I’d had a few bloodies and 64-ounces of beer, so I didn’t think it was as odd as I should have.

Anyway, we got in his car (noting the license plate) and headed to the bar.

Once we arrived, we ordered drinks and sat next to this older guy, Mark. Mark was an interesting fellow, who told us he was single, liked to do coke, and was sleeping with his boss’s wife. Totally love to meet cats like this in a bar—no one tells better stories than a 55-year old bachelor.

So, Mark entertained us a bit, but we were also playing trivia…naturally, I keyed my name in as Natalee, and Mark kept calling me that all night before asking how long I’d been dating Matt.

“6 hours,” Matt said.

My original plan was to catch a cab back to the airport and just hang out until my new flight, buuuuuut Matt invited me to sleep at his apartment and said he would drive me to the airport in the morning.

I couldn’t resist.

He was apologizing for his place before we even got inside, but he had nothing to apologize for. It was nice, and clean, especially for someone not expecting company. He offered me clothes to sleep in, and charged my dying phone for me. So I changed and curled up on the couch. And then he said I could sleep in his bed.

I had to give myself a talk. Do not take off your pants.

And I didn’t. I behaved and so did he. Although we did kiss.

We have been texting ever since, and I have graciously accepted an offer to go back to Houston this weekend. So if you’re in the area, I may as well bring more strangers along. Just don’t bring weapons, Joran.

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7 thoughts on “Everything’s hotter in Texas

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    Man, I SO have to start hanging out at airports and checking out the delayed flights more often….

  2. Wow, that sucks about the plane, but at least you didn’t get killed.

    I’m glad you made a new friend!

  3. Matthew says:

    Were you flying Frontier?

    I’ve had so many friends recently randomly meet people during travels. I hardly ever talk to people when traveling.

    I guess I like my ipod and books too much.

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