(Putting in) the hours.

I worked all weekend.

So it’s no shocker that now that the actual work week is back in full swing, I pretty much want to die.

All weekend, I followed a pair of DJs, as I’m working on an article for a magazine…sort of a “weekend in the life of…”

The DJs are two of the busiest in the city, so I met up with them Friday night around 8…and stayed with them through their gig until around 3:30 in the morning.

On Saturday, they started up again around 3 pm…and went until 3 am. And on Sunday, I even followed them to brunch to rehash the weekend.

It was an interesting one—and I will say that I looked like a complete tool bag following these two guys around with my nose buried in a notebook all night.

I can’t tell you how many times girls came up and asked me if I was one of their girlfriends.

Um, yeah, I’m watching his every move and writing it down…definitely his girlfriend!

One of the guys was bigger, had a substantial beard…and the other, wore all black, and had long stringy hair. While I was wearing a cocktail dress.

Just saying.

Anyway, the gigs were at the same bar all weekend, so I saw many of the same barflies for way too many hours, and I happily ran into the manager of said bar, who is pretty cute.

He stopped me outside and was all, “don’t I know you?”

And yes, we had previously met, on account that a good friend of mine used to bartend there.

All weekend, we chatted in passing.

Exciting, right?

Yeah, until I made a pit stop at the bar for a brewski and met this chick who was drunk, and crying.

She introduced herself as the manager’s girlfriend.

But of course!

She was fat, and they’d been dating for 4 years.

Because that’s what I get for being a retard and thinking that guys like me.

So it all around sucked working this weekend, but as I’ve previously mentioned that I need all the cash I can get. I’ve even stolen some toilet paper from my office to save a few dollars (what, like $4?).

That’s what it’s come down to.

Pretty sure I have a year-old box of jello in my pantry. Yeah, I’ll be eating that at some point this month.

Who watched the VMAs Sunday night?

I always make it a point to watch them—I’m happy I’m still in touch with stuff, unlike most people I graduated with, who filled my newsfeed with, “I didn’t know who half the people on the VMAs were!!!”

Well, if you stepped out from behind the huge ass your kissing, maybe you would know?

Unlike years prior, I was blown away by this year’s VMAs. I hate Gaga, yet I was stunned by her all night. Beyonce? Hate her. LOVED her performance.

Loved Chris Brown.

Loved Adele.

Loved the Amy Winehouse tribute.

Loved Lil Wayne.

Seriously, such a great show!

Sigh…back to reality (work)…who else is thankful for the long weekend??

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4 thoughts on “(Putting in) the hours.

  1. Trashy says:

    Gaga’s performance was THE BOMB! I haven’t liked anything off her new album (and only admit to liking her previous stuff when I’m alone and only my cats can judge me) but You & I was friggen’ awesome!

    Also, I love how Gaga as a man looks like Ralph Macchio from the Karate Kid.

    Wax on Gaga!

  2. I wish it were the long weekend already!

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