Operation: cheapskate.

I am determined to be cheap. But I’m also determined to have fun while doing it.

Yesterday, I brought my lunch (part of a massive meal I made for probably $6) and put it in the fridge at work. Oh, but when I went to eat it, what did I see?

A glorious tray of leftovers from a meeting—muffins, bagels, fruit, coffee, etc.

Normally, I would pass and take my lunch. But hey, nothing wrong with saving the lunch for tomorrow! So I happily stole a muffin and a pile of fruit.

And remember that roll of toilet paper I stole? Totally going to steal another one when the time is right.

Now, for my next cheapskate move, I need some advice.

This weekend, there are two movies I want to see. But I only want to buy one ticket HINT HINT. I know I need to line up the times and all, but anymore tips? My plan is to buy the ticket to the first movie, get it ripped, go see the movie, go to the bathroom (casually), and then walk straight into my free movie. I’ve never done this…I feel like James Bond.

One of my coworkers told me to check out the Dollar Tree for any of my needs this month. According to her, they have cleaning supplies, books, household items, candles…and…:drumroll:…a frozen foods section! What!!!!!

Now, I hope you don’t think I’ve hit rock bottom here. If I go check out the bargain store and it’s completely awful, I will end it. But honestly, finding a bargain is one of the greatest highs I know….so if it’s good, I’m going to live like a cheapskate all the time!

Anyway, send all your cheapskate tips my way. I’m trying to convince Gizzy to apply to be an egg donor. She started it, and once I started googling and saw that you can make up to $60K, I am all on board.

But alas, it’s freakin’ Thursday. I am exhausted—leaning on a venti latte to get me through today. Well that, and the fact that tomorrow is Friday.

You see…after following the two DJs this weekend, I was for certain that my research was done. Oh but no! My editor called and was all, “hey there is this OTHER DJ who does something on Wednesday nights…what do you think about checking him out?”

What do I think? I think I’d rather go to bed before 3 am on a work night, but you know…

Naturally I started thinking of excuses not to follow this dude…I was thinking, oh he’s a different type of DJ…and it won’t really fit into my story…but then I realized, I can make the original story longer or I can write a whole separate story…BOTH situations involve making more cash.

So I agreed to follow him last night. Because I am a good person. Who needs money.

It actually wasn’t that bad. I got there around 9, we talked, he setup, and I watched him do his thing for an hour or so. Around 12:15, I bolted…purely because I was about to sleep on the bar.

He called me around 12:30 and I felt bad, but I was also really happy to get into bed. After all, I had enough for my article, and I needed to get up bright and early today, why?

Because I was asked to answer questions for a PR class on how to effectively use social media and blogs. PAPOW. The best part? It was for my alma mater, however the college never accepted me (I applied to mass comm, got rejected, so I went English). Now What? I’m answering questions for a class I could never get into and they invited me back to teach one class later in the semester.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

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One thought on “Operation: cheapskate.

  1. Matthew says:

    It’s been a few years since I’ve gone all Bond at the theater, but basically be sure this isn’t the opening weekend for the two movies (unless you are seeing earlier/matinee screenings). Another thing to be careful of is not to go to a flick/screening that is too empty.

    There’s a delicate balance to work with. Otherwise, just try not to act all shady.

    Oh, and wearing camo or all black is probably not recommended. 😉

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