Twerk it from right to left, guh.

You’ll be happy to know that operation cheapskate is in full swing and it is awesome! I can’t tell you how exciting it is to still be doing fun things, and yet not feel guilty about them when I balance my checkbook!

In my last post, I reported that I stole some free lunch from work. Always a major score.

I also said I was going to attempt to sneak into a movie for free last weekend. Well, don’t hate me. It didn’t work out.

You see, I wanted to see The Help and 30 Minutes or Less…but all of the local theatres had ONE showing of 30 Minutes or Less…and it was before noon. What in the hell?

It just wasn’t going to work. But, I still went to see The Help during matinee hours, saving $2. I also snuck in a vitamin water and some pretzel m&ms…saving $8.

Total savings: $10

Next, I stopped by Borders and their ginormous going-out-of-biz sale. I found 4 books on my reading list.

I spent $19…saved $42.

And finally, I went to the craft store to buy supplies to make something for my apartment instead of buying it. I about crapped when I saw the item on Etsy for $150. I bought the materials, made it myself, all for $12.

Saved $138

Seriously, I only spent $60 this weekend. GO. ME.

After I wrote that I was going to try out the Dollar Store, I went. And it was AWESOME.

I was shocked to see they have name-brand products like Lays chips and Crest toothpaste. They also had Covergirl makeup!

I just browsed around and picked up a few things…and yes, they were each a $1. Here’s what I picked up:

1 bag of Lays, 1 box of Goldfish crackers, 2 boxes of m&ms (for the movies), 1 box of popcorn (4 microwave packs), 1 box of honey granola bars (8 bars), 1 box of brownie mix, 6 packs of Lance peanut butter sandwich crackers, 1 bag of rice crackers, and 2 boxes of frozen mac n cheese.

Total: $11.55


I am still looking for apartments. I have yet to hear from the DREAM one…so I’m trying to stay positive, while looking for others at the same time. I have to figure something out in the next few days…or week I guess…because we’re getting down to the wire.

As for any other life of mine, I’ve been freelancing my ass off. Today, I have three articles due at the magazine, and another one due Friday. But I am NOT complaining…I know when I move I’m going to appreciate the cash.

I am also making efforts to get some celebrity interviews under my belt so I can try to…make it big? Anyway, this week, I’m interviewing Miranda Lambert. Ever heard of her?

I still can’t believe it’s happening.

What would you ask her?

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2 thoughts on “Twerk it from right to left, guh.

  1. How was The Help? I meant to go see it and then opted for lazing around all day instead.

    Miranda Lambert…Wow!

  2. Matthew says:

    A friend of mine would be very jealous of the interview with Miranda.

    I’m feeling a bad aftermath in my checkbook right now, as I moved into my new place this weekend and ended up spending close to $400 getting things for it and still have a few items on my ‘Need’ list.

    Also, pretzel M&M’s are wonderful wonderful crack.

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