Back on track.

The world seems to be back in order: I’m not dying, but work is lame, and I’m still single.

Thursday night, I got my ass back to T-mobile after nearly a week without internet, email, and BBM on my new phone. Of course, the creepy stalker Chas was in there to greet me.

Luckily we were not alone; there was another salesman present. But while Chas was “fixing” my phone (probably going through my texts), he felt the need to chit chat.

“Everything going okay, aside from your phone?” He asks.

“Well, I have strep throat,” I say, motioning to my outfit of the week–a bathrobe and sweat pants.

“Oh man, so you wokeup and thought it was a hangover for a second and then were like wait…”

Hmmmm no, Chas. When I have a hangover I feel barfy with a headache. Strep throat is more like a butcherknife in your tonsils.

Now would be a good time to mention that Chas was wearing a headband. Yep, because he has longish black hair with gray streaks that remind me of Peppy Le Pew.

I got out of T-mobile unscathed, but the guys did ask me to stay because they were “bored.” Ahem, no. I had Project Runway to watch. Shout out to all my Anthony Ryan fans—seriously, could he give us another freakin’ heart attack! Just win the damn thing already!!

Anyway, Friday I was back to work and busy as hell. Luckily, Friday night came quickly and my plans of doing nothing could finally unfold.

I stopped off at T-Bell (or T-Bizzy, as Gizzy and I prefer to call it) for a little dinner on my way home. When I went inside, there was one other girl there—a chunky black chick. She knew someone working behind the counter.

She couldn’t decide what she wanted, so she let me go ahead. I ordered my meal and waited.

She ordered, and she waited. However, she proceeded to do that thing black women do—flirt, but sort of yell in the process.

“You betta come to mah party,” she said to the guy behind the counter.

“Where it at?” he asked. She gives directions.

“Ok, I get off at nine, I’ll need time to clean up then I’ll be there.”

“Black and denim.” she says.


“You’re supposed to wear black and denim,” she says.

“But casual, yeah?” he asks.

She nods heavy. “Where my food at?”

He walks toward the assembly line, packs up a bag of food and hands it to her. She proceeds to walk out, looks in the bag, then looks at me.

“what did you have?”

“Nachos.” I say.

She hands me the bag.

I go home, pop in a season of Will & Grace and unpack my food. And to my surprise and delight, the guy behind the counter, thinking this was Ms. Black and Denim’s food, threw in a free order of Cinnamon Twists.


Seriously, awesome.

Saturday, I wanted to finish some projects around my apartment—these projects are in prep for my new apartment. I sanded and painted a GIANT picture frame (it’s as tall as me). It used to be a dark brown, but now it’s a high gloss black. It had matting already installed in it, which was a dirty cream color, so I painted it Tiffany blue. And boy, it looks stunning.

Now, I just need a giant picture to put inside it. Anyone got any ideas?

I also painted a few photo frames I picked up at Goodwill (2 for $4) and framed my magazine cover.

And on Sunday, I started cleaning stuff out. I made piles: eBay, Plato’s, Goodwill, trash. And sorted my things accordingly. And let me tell you, my closet looks awesome. There’s not even anything under my bed!

I still have my bathroom and kitchen to sort out, but I’m on a good road here! I want to get rid of as much as possible, so the new place will always be clean and clutter-free.

Before I go off to my long list of meetings all day, I wanted to tell Catherine that because of her recommendation, I read my first Jonathan Tropper book this weekend—This is Where I Leave You—and absolutely LOVED it! I cannot wait to get my hands on his other work!

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2 thoughts on “Back on track.

  1. justmarriedgirl says:

    Yay for feeling better!

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