Elevator etiquette.

My new apartment has brought forth many new adventures; including riding on the elevator.

I never really thought about it, but taking the elevator requires some manners…manners that I’m not sure I have.

I first noticed it one Saturday morning while waiting for the elevator to stop on my floor so I could get down to the garage. When the doors opened, a guy stepped out…and I was clearly in his way. Why was I standing so close to the elevator anyway?

Rule no. 1: stand away from the doors so people can exit appropriately.

About 98% of the time, I’ve been on the elevator alone and no one has been within earshot when I board, so I haven’t had that awkward moment of waiting with someone or having to hold the door open for someone. But…it’s come close—when do you hold the door and when don’t you?

I’ve definitely gotten to the elevator while in the parking garage and heard people approaching. I just told myself that if I can’t see them when the doors are closing, then we’re good to go.

Oh, but Saturday morning, I was on the first floor checking my mailbox, got in the elevator and the doors were closing, when this old guy flies out of nowhere and asks me to hold it open. So I do…then he stands there for a few seconds and is like, “ohhhh….well…nevermind.”

Like what the fuck, dude? Make up your mind.

Anyway, for some help, I Googled my problem (naturally) and found some tips on elevator etiquette.

According to elevatorrules.com, I don’t have to hold the door open…

“Holding the door for someone that is running toward the car is only appropriate when the car is empty or there is consensus among the passengers that it is ok to wait.”

Apparently, there are a ton of rules regarding talking and singing on the elevator.

“Conversations in the elevator are generally discouraged, however, it is acceptable to continue a conversation that was started before boarding as long as it is not clearly irritating others in the car. Avoid lewd jokes and topics that could offend others. If you feel the other passengers are not enjoying your discussion STOP talking and continue when you have arrived at your destination floor.”

I never knew it was generally unacceptable to talk in an elevator…weird.

But what’s even weirder…

“Riding an elevator while intoxicated should be avoided. Your impairment could present a danger to yourself and other riders. Take the stairs and use the hand rails.”

Are you kidding me? I’m not taking the stairs while plastered! That is absurd.

I did some further research.

And I found a new blog to read: Hollaback Philly.

In this particular post, the writer Liz, describes 2 instances in which gentleman literally fight over letting the women off the elevator first. Now, I’m all about chivalry, but let’s just get off the damn elevator!

And so readers…what are your tips on elevator etiquette? Or better yet, got any horror stories?

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11 thoughts on “Elevator etiquette.

  1. Trashy says:

    Always wear shoes!!!!

    We were in this elevator in a hotel that had a pool and this dude, with WET feet just plodded onto the elevator like it was totally natural.

    I mean, exposed man-toes are bad enough (srsly why are men’s feet so hideous!?) but who knows what’s going on down there? As far as I’m concerned, elevator floor now = CONTAMINATED.

  2. Well… We all know my most horrifying elevator incident with Hottie, I think I broke every rule in the book with that one. But, I wonder about elevator etiquette a lot at work, esp holding the door and I go by the same rule as you, if I can see them I hold it. But everyone in my office says they hold the door for everyone “Because you never know who you could get stuck in the elevator with!” They mean that as in the President or VP of the company and I take it as though I could get stuck with the lady that’s 1000 pounds and she could eat me before we get out of there.

  3. justmarriedgirl says:

    Apparently, I am not up on my etiquette. I hold the door for everyone, and I always talk to people whether I know them or not. Oh well.

    Once in college, I got stuck in an elevator alone. They had to call emergency services to get me out. It was so embarrassing. I could hear a crowd of people amassing in the lobby:

    “Who’s trapped in there?”

    “It’s Little Gina!”


  4. My friend’s old apartment building had the rudest tenants! I’ve had the elevator door closed on me multiple times there. I get that the elevator runs slowly and you may want to speed it up, but if I’m moving fast enough, without running, the the door literally hits me while you’re trying to close it,, perhaps your’e moving too fast. What’s the harm in checking to see if there’s someone coming before pressing the close door button.

    • Yeah, that is pretty rude. I never hit the close door button, I just let it happen, but like I said, if I can hear someone coming, I will wait. I don’t want people to think of me as that girl in the building.


  5. I like to just ride quietly!

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