And the single girl loses again…

Did everyone have a lovely Halloween weekend? I was all amped up for my weekend and it was a miserable disappointment.

I went home with the hopes of finding myself a nice small city boy to canoodle with for the night. Betty and I suited up in our Justin Bieber fan gear and her boyfriend combed forward his hair, laced up the high tops, and went as the Biebs himself.

Betty said that she had a party we needed to stop by before we went out, which I was perfectly fine with – it was still early and we needed to get our preparty drank on. The party was ok, it was in a barn, which is to be expected. The people there were nice and seemed pretty fun, but they were all hammered and I was not. Surprisingly, I was having an ok time, but took the first chance to bolt out the door when Betty said she wanted to go to a bar.

Since Betty and her bf are basically an old married couple, I thought we would at least go somewhere fun and twenty-something oriented so they could be old losers and I could still be entertained. And I kind of thought maaaybe if we went to this certain strip of bars we would run into high school crush and all my dreams could come true. Instead, they took me to a neighborhood bar a block from their house named after an old actor. Sounds like a blast.

We walked in the bar and were the only people dressed up, no one was under the age of 40 and everyone stared at us like we were douchebags. Which we were. We got a bucket of beer, played 2 rounds of pool, and were back at Betty’s house by midnight to watch paranormal activity.

When the movie was over I retreated to Betty’s daughter’s room to pass out. I slept in a bunk-bed made for a 4 year old and in the morning I was upsie daisy with the sun at 8:30, I tried to go back to sleep but I was in a strange bed and just wanted to get the fuck out of there.

At 9:30 Betty and her bf still weren’t up so I texted her telling her I was going to have to leave soon. No reply and no sign of Betty. A little after 10 I texted Lucky asking her if I should just send Betty a text and tell her I had to go and just peace out. I decided to wait until 11 and as I was packing up my bags in walks Betty to tell me goodbye.

This wasn’t exactly my dream big Halloween night out scenario. I would’ve much rather been sneaking out of a guy’s house and doing the walk of shame still drunk, but instead I was fully rested without a hangover and still just as sexually frustrated.

I know that as I get older and as my friends all start to get re-married (yes, remember Betty has already been married AND divorced, and is about to be proposed to again, all before I even get into a serious relationship) and have more children if I’m still single this is how it’s going to be. There won’t be any waking up early still drunk to rehash the craziness that ensued the night before, or going out for brunch and getting drunk again, there won’t be any stories of random make outs at the bars. It will be me, sleeping in my married friend’s children’s beds, and my friends sleeping in on a Sunday morning because they’re childless for the day.

But I mean, we aren’t THAT old. We’re 26. It’s still totally ok to get inappropriately drunk, at least until you’re 30; we have 4 good years left in us to make fools of ourselves! What are these people doing!?!! I need some more single friends, STAT.

On the other hand, tomorrow I leave with Anth & company for a weekend away to attend an away game for our college football team. There are 2 couples and 6 single people going. Yes. And thank you. I fully intend to make out with a guy whose name I will not know come Sunday. Full report on Monday.

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