Eggs over easy.

Last week, I was curious if you all thought this guy I met at lunch was into me in a business-like way, or in a like-like way.

And you know, I supposed it doesn’t really matter, because either way, I’d just deal with it as it came, but let’s face facts—there’s not really anything else exciting happening in my life right now, so why not just analyze stuff?

So, to backtrack, I met this guy on Wednesday, and he said he was writing a book and wanted my opinion on it. Fair enough.

Around Friday, he sends me a text and asks if I’ll be around this weekend so he could give me the first chapter to read.

Now, I gave him my email address, so I was curious as to why he wanted to meet in person for the hand-off, but whatever. I told him I would be around.

So he decided on a place to meet…for breakfast and to exchange the chapter.

I was sort of dreading it. Even though I wasn’t sure if this was a date thing or a business meeting, it was still something that I had to get out of bed and brush my teeth for. Sigh.

So I walk to the breakfast joint Sunday morning, don’t see him, so I get in line and order some eggs and coffee. By the time I’m gathering up my silverware, he’s walking in the door. He helps me to a table and gets in line for a quiche.

And so, we talk about the book. It is a book he’s been writing for the last year, while his mother was dying of two illnesses.

As he’s talking, I’m slathering a butter croissant with berry jam.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone put jelly on a croissant,” he said. “That’s pretty awesome.”

“Well, the croissant is great alone, but I love jelly.”

He agrees. And we continue talking.

He then tells me about his job as a full-time photographer, and how he fits writing in on the side. Then he asks me about my job, writing, where I’m from, etc.

When we finish eating, he asks if I want to go for a walk. So, we do. Just a few blocks, talking about traveling and businesses we’re jealous we didn’t start.

It was nice. And he’s pretty hot.

So we get back to our original starting point, he says thanks for editing the book, and gives me a hug, and we split.

About an hour later, I get this text:

“Lovely meeting you Lucky. It’s great you’re doing what you want regardless of what others think. It’s sort of a motto of mine as well. Let’s grab a drink when I get a chance to be back in tow in a few weeks. Hope you enjoy my book. :)”

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6 thoughts on “Eggs over easy.

  1. Gina says:

    Love it! I didn’t get a chance to say so last time, but I def. thought he was flirting. Exciting!!

  2. I think you solved the mystery of which kind of like it was. =)

    And…I love jelly, too. Why eat anything bready plain when you can add jelly?

  3. Trashy says:

    These sorts of encounters are the story of my life.

    Things I don’t have:

    1) Gay-dar
    2) the ability to tell if dudes are subtly flirting with me.

    #firstworldproblems? Hahaha

    – Trashy

  4. […] week, you all assured me that Writer Guy was indeed in it to ask me on a date, not just to edit his […]

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