Seriously, get off my back.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks writer guy is lame.

After I decided I would just send him the feedback on his book chapter via email, I cozied up on my couch the other night to read the six pages.

Of course, it’s hard for me to go into this reading with an open mind after the dude has sufficiently weirded me out for the last week, but he keeps texting me “I hope you like it,” so I figured he must think it’s a little decent, right?


The book, as writer guy explained to me, is about life lessons he learned while caring for his dying mother. He told me he wasn’t trying to reach a certain market, but wanted the book to make sense (naturally).

The first page was a text message. A page-long text-message. It was a story about a receptionist at the hospital where his mom was admitted. He described this woman as someone who had a face that radiates love. Whatever that means.

He said he would never forget this woman because she knew his mom was so loved.

Okay…moving on.

So then, what seems like the beginning of the actual chapter, is him getting a phone call from his dad saying that his mom has worsened. She had fallen again.

Writer guy had explained that his mother’s illness (which he never names or explains in this chapter) kept her muscles from functioning properly, so every time she tried to walk, she fell. He was pissed at her for this.

He asks his dad if he should come home (6 hours away) and his dad said no, that he could handle it on his own. So, writer guy says, he was glad he didn’t need to go home and he went back to his life that focused on only him.

I shit you not, it says that.

He mentions at least three times that he was selfish and got accepted into a top graduate school and didn’t want anyone to interfere with his life being all about him.

A few pages later, he decides to forget the grad school and move back home to care for his mother…yet, he yells at her when she interrupts him while he is watching a soccer game on TV.


I’m really confused. I’ve read books about parents dying and what it’s like to care for someone. Often, it’s a frustrating experience because the caretaker is essentially helpless. However, writer guy comes across as a complete asshole.

I find it hard to believe that right off the bat I’d be that pissed at my mom for being sick. Maybe after months of giving up myself for her, that would wear on anyone, but come on!

And so, I’m going to send him an email today of my suggestions and wish him the best of luck with this rest of his book.

Ad I mentioned before, I hate to sound snobby. I don’t have a book published, but I am a full-time editor for a world renowned company, I have been published hundreds of times over, and I do have an English degree. I generally understand good writing.

Because of that, I get paid for reading and editing things. Daily, I read and edit press releases, articles, and even letters and presentations. I also read books…something I think writer guy needs to do.

If I’m not getting paid, not getting laid to read this crap, what’s the point? I’m not even getting a free meal!

Wednesday night, I had just gotten out of the gym when I saw a text message from him: “My feet hurt!!”

Need I say more? In the words of my role model, Shiree Whitfield, “What happened to ‘hello, how are you?’…NEXT!”


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8 thoughts on “Seriously, get off my back.

  1. justmarriedgirl says:

    Now that it’s confirmed that he’s egotistical, everything makes sense. His behavior, his stupid texts, his wanting to read his book out of the blue. He thinks he’s awesome. I hate to say it, but this is why I never dated writers. The ones I met were always assholes. (This isn’t a rule, just my experience.) Remember when Carrie dated Ron Livingston’s character (forget his name) on Sex and the City? Bleh.

  2. Matthew says:

    Yeah. definitely do what you have to do and then leave the rest be. I think he is definitely living up to his comment on “some people needing attention”. Yowza.

  3. Just recently started reading your blog and have to say this guy is ridiculous.

    Also, you have no idea how much I appreciate all the real houswives references.

  4. “Next” is right! He’s a self proclaimed smart guy with asshole tendencies! Love the blog!

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