Anger Management at its Finest

Hey Kiddies… TGIF! Am I right or am I right?  I’m totes right.  So I had a totally different blog written for today that might have made me a bad person and I’ll probably post it in the future, but some things happened this morning that take precedence over making fun of the less fortunate.  (And I wonder why we only have 5 readers.)

Today started out being annoying before I ever even opened my eyes.  Usually on Fridays I set my alarm for an hour earlier than I normally get up through the week because I want to get to work early and leave early.  Usually I hit the snooze for an hour and fifteen minutes, but today 35 minutes before my alarm went off I heard Anth screaming at someone on the phone.  And that’s how I knew today would fucking suck.

I laid there for about 15 minutes waiting for him to stop so I could get an extra little power nap in before I needed to really get up, but it didn’t happen so I turned the tv on and started watching Home Improvement (per Lucky’s suggestion.)

So I drug my unhappy ass out of bed, got ready and ventured downstairs to see that it had snowed.  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For those of you who don’t live in a giant city that gets large amount of snow, thank your lucky stars.  Even though the city does a fairly good job at keeping the streets clean and most of these people have been dealing with driving in snow their whole entire lives it never fails that SOMEONE will ruin it for everyone and have an unnecessary wreck because they are driving like a jackass.  It didn’t happen this morning, but the day is only half over and I’m totally expecting it to take me 4 hours to get home from work tonight.

After I bitched and moaned about the snow to myself for a solid 25 minutes, Anth came in and informed me that Doogie had been talking to him about our “living situation” the other night and said he was going to be moving in with his girlfriend around May.  So we’re thinking February.  This isn’t horrible news, mainly because I need to get out of my apartment and away from the stress of living with disgusting inconsiderate boys.  BUT, it really puts a time crunch on finding a new job in a city that will make me happy.  I was fully expecting to be able to take my sweet time finding an awesome job and have a place to live while I did it.

So what do I do now? Pray that I can find a job by May and if I don’t I have to sign another year long lease in misery-ville?  I’ve already started the apartment hunting in hopes that I can find a building that will do month-to –month leases, even if it means I have to illegally purchase a gun from a man named Bear in an alley behind a bar to keep myself safe at night, I will not be stuck here longer than I have to be!  Although, if I have to offer mediocre sexual favors to those interviewing me in the future to get a job where I want to be before the move out date, it would be more action than I’ve gotten in the past 18 months, so maybe not such a bad thing.  I’ll make a pro/con list to help and share later; I know you guys will need it to help me decide what to do too.

After all of that trauma set in, Anth then told me that he ate my food and I have no dinner.  I know that I could have worse problems because there are many people out there that do, but these are the life and times of a suburban white girl.  Plus it was either me ranting about this or making fun of a guy who might have mental issues, I feel like I took the high road.

Anyway, I flung open the dishwasher prepared to throw whatever I could grab quickly at his face when I saw my broken wine glass.  Remember when Lucky came to visit and I got us matching (they’re plain, but for drama’s sake) giant wine glasses that hold an entire bottle of wine?  Well that would be the glass that was broken.  Some dickface (Anth) put a cast iron skillet on top of it retardedly thinking a precious fragile stem of a wine glass could hold it.  IDIOT.  So I went off about that as I scooped shards of glass out of the dishwasher and threw them on the floor while screaming at Anth, “YEP! I hope you step on these.  JACKASS!!!!”

Then, he has the audacity to tell me he was kidding about the food and my dinner is still safe and sound in its Styrofoam box hidden in the back of the refrigerator.  OH I’M SORRY FOR OVERREACTING! But why in fucks name would a person say that if they didn’t in fact eat your dinner? Just to get a rise out of me and see how crazy I’ll get? I don’t know.  So I said to him, “Were you testing the waters to see if I’d freak out so you could eat it at lunch?” And he was all, “No Gizzy, I have a lunch date, remember?”  Oh right he does, with the girl that stood him up, twice. “Ok, well, hope you get AIDS. Peace the fuck out.”

And now I’m here.  Doing nothing at work because it’s 10AM and I’ve already had a rough day.  Clearly.  Totally going to have myself a lunch time cocktail in about 10 minutes.  If anyone would like to join me, I’ll be on the parking garage roof.

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2 thoughts on “Anger Management at its Finest

  1. Yikes what a day! I’m totally against roommates. I always said the next time I’d live with someone who wasn’t family is if he tricked me by putting a ring on my finger. I’m looking forward to that pros/cons list.
    Also, I live in a big city and it snowed recently. I’m very glad I work nights, so I caught the end of the we-forgot-how-to-drive-in-snow-since-last-winter traffic.

    • I am about to have that same motto girl! But, as I’ve lived with 2 boys I’m starting to question if I even want to live with my future to be named later husband. Whoever he may be, I think the same stuff will annoy me about living with him, even if I like him a little. Sheesh! Glad you didn’t get stuck in the jackassery traffic!

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