See ya next year, Santa!

Happy day after Christmas, kids!

I hope none of you have to be at work today—I sure don’t. However, I did get up at 8 and hit the gym…and I worked out so hard I wanted to barf afterward. Then, I came home and took a shower and here I am, back in my pajamas, typing away.

Did everyone get everything they asked for this year?

I can’t speak for Gizzy (although she seemed pretty excited about one gift in particular), but I think we both had a really good holiday. I got a fresh stack of books, along with season 5 of Dexter. It’s become a tradition of mine now to ask for a season of Dexter for Christmas, then spend my winter break on the couch watching it.

This will be the 3rd year I’ve done it, only the other 2 years I’ve had TWO seasons to watch…damn season six isn’t out yet!

I didn’t get everything from my grown up Christmas list, however. But, Gizzy was sweet enough to mail me a hot ass picture of Max, so I came pretty freaking close to getting him for Christmas, right?

So, let’s hear it, what did you get under the tree this year? Or better yet…what gifts are you returning today?!

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