Well, well, well…look what the cat dragged in

Before Christmas, back when my texting relationship with High School Crush was in full force, I was getting ready for work one day and about 7:45 I heard my phone go off.  And I thought, wow HSC is at it early this morning, I like it!

Nope.  It was a text from Snoop-Linus.  I immediately texted Lucky being like OMG check it!:

“Hey.  Been trying to contact you because I’d like to see you before I move.  From the non response I’ve been receiving I figure you just don’t care to talk or see me.  Just wanted to let you know.  Hope all is well and you have a happy holidays! Miss ya Gizzy.”

Obvi I didn’t reply, because I do have some sense and respect for myself. But, just 1 day prior I was telling Lucky that he is the biggest fucking tool ever.  A while ago I deleted him from facebook and blocked him.  One day I unblocked him just because I like to live life on the edge.  Little did I know, facebook makes you leave the person unblocked for like 2 days. So within that time period he friend requested me, of course, and now even though I didn’t accept him I can still see his statuses.  

I present to you:  A Tool Box Full of Snoop Linus’ Thoughts On Job Interviews

Bay Area within reach.  Time to do work.  No second place.

Smashed round #1.  Ready to do work in round #2.  California dreaming…

10 mins.  Round #2.  No mistakes. (Gizzy note: Ummm… I’m sorry, this line is from a movie, right?)

Round #2 smashed.  Per usual.  Round #3 isn’t going to know what hit it.

Round #3 testing tomorrow.  This could be the best Christmas present ever.

It honestly took every bone in my body not to reply to him and tell him what a wad of crap I think he is.  Like how can this person take himself seriously when he talks like that?  I think back to dating him and it makes me dry heave.  What self respecting 25 year old still says “smashed” and “do work”?  Honestly.  AND if he does some how convince some idiot in California to hire him that I hope he has an awesome time getting AIDS from strippers and/or trannys that he meets whilst working at his second job selling drugs.  I WANTED to laugh in his face at how much he’s going to fail if his parents don’t help him financially.  And I can’t imagine they will, because weed is legal in California, and for their sake I hope they realize that’s the only reason he’s going.  Anywayzzz… not my problem.  Thank the lord Jesus for that!

But, I would also like to say how much the text pissed me off.  Mostly because it was him and not HSC.  But second, the part where he’s all, “From the non response I’ve been getting I figure you don’t want to talk or see me”  UM NO FUCKING SHIT! First, yes that’s generally what the silent treatment means, but if that didn’t give it away, me telling you a few months ago, “Hey I’d like to never talk to you again.  Go fuck some poison sumac.” Should’ve set off a red flag, but no, he still thinks he can be like.  Heyoo I’m moving.  And I’ll be like OMG WHAT WHERE? And then he’ll feel like he’s validated his stupid life and proven that he can do something, but he can’t, because he can’t not cheat on a girlfriend, and he can’t not lie.  Because that text was a lie in itself.  UM, sorry, no where in your line of douchebag facebook statuses did I see where you actually got the job, so you’re not moving yet, asshole.

THEN, it’s not “Hope you have A happy holidays” it would be “hope you have happy holidays” if you’d like to include A, you need to keep the holidays singular, as in HOLIDAY.  UGH!!! IDIOT!!

And LASTLY, don’t say my name, douche.  I hate your fucking guts.

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3 thoughts on “Well, well, well…look what the cat dragged in

  1. Unfortunately, for our blog readers they couldn’t see what he really called you, that stupid nickname…

    And yeah, I’m with you on the job thing. He probably didn’t even get it, he just wanted you to think he was successful for one fucking second and two if he did get it, it’s probably not that great of a job, and if it is, he will fuck it up the first day when he shows up hungover and high on crack.



  2. justmarriedgirl says:

    Snoop-Linus = asshole

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