Justified 2012.

New Year’s Eve was obviously awful for me, but Gizzy kept insisting that 2012 was/is indeed OUR year. It is.  It has to be, because the world is ending this year, remember?

I want to believe her, so I suggested we come up with a slogan for the year; some kind of catch phrase that we could say to each other if we were feeling low or unsure about something in our lives.

I racked my brain for sassy sayings. My initial thought was that of Atlanta Housewife, Sheree, “Who gonna check me, boo?” But Gizzy isn’t really into the Housewives as much as I am. We will be using this as a backup slogan if Justified doesn’t quite cut it.

The saying needed to be something that meant a lot to both of us. So, we thought some more.

Finally, I was on to something. Some of Gizzy and I’s fondest memories are from high school, when we’d drive around the rich neighborhoods where all the hot boys lived and be stalkers. Chances are, they probably all saw us drive by and that’s why we are still single. (Yep yep! That is why HSC does not like me.)

Anyway, our stalking adventures were always sound-tracked with the one and only Justin Timberlake (also knowns as J-Tim, or Mr. J-T.) circa 2003, album “Justified.”

I thought of the songs from that CD, perhaps we could take one of the lyrics and use it as our catch phrase. But the more we discussed, it was impossible, because every single one of those songs is fucking awesome. So, we decided on Justified 2012 as our phrase.

Because everything we do in 2012 is going to be Justified, just because we did it, and it doesn’t need any additional reason for being.

Shortly after the new year, Mr. JT decided to up and get engaged and I was super worried. We could not have a role model that was ENGAGED for 2012. But, as always, Gizzy assured me that our role model is J-Tim circa 2003, when he was single and singing songs about Brittany Spears to go cry him a river.

So whatever with the engagement.

The glorious thing about this catch phrase is that I really don’t have to ask anyone’s opinion on anything I do, because I know it’s Justified. And as a reminder, Justified (the album) has become a regular soundtrack in the Lucky household.

Don’t be surprised if I’ve thought of a whole new dance number for “Senorita” by spring.

As a reminder to keep things Justified in 2012, Lucky posted the Like I Love You music video to my facebook wall.  It is a constant reminder to keep everything we do Justified and to not let guys take a huge crap on us this year, like they have in the past.  

Things about this music video by itself that can keep us motivated to be Justified in 2012:

1. J-Tim looking smoking hot, if we keep things Justified we will land a man like him.  Obvi.

2. The awesome late 90’s early 00’s fashion.  That 7-eleven t-shirt is CLUTCH to a Justified year and only people who are in fact Justified can pull off irony such as that.

3. The N’Sync style dance moves.  Seeing those will be a constant reminder that we deserve a hot guy, like a guy in a boyband.  A hot guy who can also do those moves is 100% Justified.

4. The black hat and leather pants explain themselves.

5. The fact that after watching J-Tim being all over that music video girl you are left with a horned up feeling inside.  Horned up feelings are synonyms to Justified.

That’s pretty much it.  I can’t focus enough after number 5 to continue listing awesome things about this video/album. 

Since this blog is a major part of our lives and we pretty much tell our readers everything that goes down we’d like you all to help take part in making this a Justified year for us.  If you see us falling back into our old ways of letting guys poop on us, just let us know, a simple – JUSTIFIED – will do and we’ll be back to our Justified reality.

And with that, we wish you a Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, because he was pretty effing Justified.


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