A BBM conversation with Lucky & Gizzy.

January 16, 2012, 10:03 PM

Lucky: Not to self: use the term “grated cheese” instead of shredded cheese. Like wtf is shredded cheese put through a damn shredder??? lol

Gizzy: Haha yes that’s true. Grated cheese would be the proper term

Lucky: Like god. Shredded cheese.

Gizzy: Haha yeah. Grated cheese sounds classier too.

Lucky: I invited Shredder over, along with the ninja turtles. He took care of the cheese. Hahaha I just cracked myself up.

Gizzy: I’m literally LOLing at that

Lucky: OJ is giving me the stink eye for shaking the bed.

Gizzy: Ohh man. I need an animal to keep me company since a man isn’t in the plan for this year.

Lucky: You do. I want to get a scottie dog and name him Charley. Charles. I like the name Jazzy. But I need sophisticated witty names.

Gizzy: I like animals that have a Mr. or a Mrs. in front of their name. Mrs. Buttersworth.

Lucky: I could name it after a jazz musician. Louis Armstrong.

Gizzy: Mr. Louis Armstrong.

Lucky: Buddy Guy.

Gizzy: Haha yeah Buddy Guy is cute. I love dogs with names that are so human. I would totes name a dog like Marleen or Eleanor. Or Robert.

Lucky: Lol BOB.

Gizzy: Get over here and clean up this poop ROBERT!

Lucky: You should get a rat and name it Shredder.

Gizzy: omg

Lucky: Like just think if you went to someone’s house and they were like, “oh, that’s Shredder.”

Gizzy: haha my pet rat.

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5 thoughts on “A BBM conversation with Lucky & Gizzy.

  1. Love the TMNT reference!

  2. Matthew says:

    Ditto. I completely want to go home and watch my TMNT VHS tapes.

  3. danikauerz says:

    Glorious! Teenage mutant ninja turtles and classy pet naming in one BBM? Amaze.

    You girls are hilarious.


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