(push) pin us.

That’s right, crazies, we’ve joined the masses in the form of Pinterest.

Don’t know what Pinterest is? Well, you must be living under a rock, because Pinterest is apparently ALL the rave.

From what I can tell, Pinterest made having a cork board cool again because it’s not really made of cork (!) it’s ONLINE. Shut. The. Front. Doooooor!!!!

Basically Pinterest is a way for people who aren’t creative to make it appear to others that they are, by copying, or rather, “repinning” the shit that creative people post.

In return, it makes those of us who are actually creative look dull because, “oh you just got that off PINTEREST.”

But anyone who has half a brain could find craft ideas if they really wanted to, could figure out how to make jars of salad, or could indeed plan a wedding using ACTUAL clippings and an ACTUAL bulletin board with ACTUAL push pins, but no.

So we joined. And we’re determined to laugh our way through yet another piece of technology ruining our candied brains.

So follow us, and repin our stupid shit, because we just won’t feel validated without it.


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