TV night.

In the last six months, I’ve tried to make a better effort not to watch as much TV. If there are shows on that I want to watch, of course, I let myself watch them. However, I quit just sitting in front of the TV just for shit’s sake. I have way too much on plate to be doing that. However, TV lately has been in full swing and man, it’s hard not to watch something almost every night.

My loyal Tweeples know I am just eating UP The Bachelor this season, and frankly, for once, I cannot wait to Bash Emily Maynard on the next season of The Bachelorette! Monday night, Gizzy gladly took over the Twitter reigns (and she did a fantabulous job) for me, as I was at a dinner party, and visiting Lopez. Not only did I miss The Bachelor, I also missed part II of The Voice live auditions!

But don’t worry kiddies, I caught up on both shows while I was at work. Ah, the luxury of having my own office. And so, here are my oh-so-important notes on Monday night TV (spoiler alert):


  • Every date has a God damn helicopter in it. Seriously, I’m over it.
  • Kacie B’s laugh is not unlike the witch of the wicked west. It’s super annoying.
  • I’m sick of Ben saying “if we can accomplish this, we can accomplish anything.”
  • Ben looked DISGUSTING in his loin cloth.
  • Emily is lame. I liked her at first, but now she’s just annoying.
  • Courtney is scary. As in, I would not want to find her in my closet.
  • Blakely is CRAY.
  • Chris Harrison knows EVERYTHING.
  • Casey S is the ugliest crier ever.
  • Jamie is just weird and I’m glad she’s gone.


  • After watching part 1 Sunday, I can say I love team Blake…but we’ll see.
  • Carson Daily is still a douche.
  • The Prince medley was aight…I’m a believer that things as iconic as that just shouldn’t be messed with.
  • Not a fan of the brother-sister duo.
  • The dude in the hat looks like Willy Wonka.
  • Not a fan of the chick who sang “Stay”
  • dez Duron? Fuckin ballzy to sing BSB and thjey should’ve picked him!
  • Angel Taylor is probably the best so far.

To be honest, I’m really not that impressed with The Voice so far…sigh.

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One thought on “TV night.

  1. danikauerz says:

    I’m definitely going to look forward to your Bachelor recaps as I’ve stopped watching. I watched for the first weeks when a crazy betch from my kickball league (yeah, I played kickball, for the bevs) was on, but then she got kicked off so I freed up my Mondays. However, I’m still so invested in all of their lives.

    Your blogging about it… perfect comprimise.


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