A penny for my thoughts?

If you’re reading this, that means you’ve made it through our new fortress of protection.  But real talk here, can you guys believe that shiz? Nicole, Ben, and Ralphie will from now until forever be referred to as the trifecta of evil.  I, as the keeper of the Pearly Gates of Heaven, shun them. I hope you guys are ready for a ride to drama city, buckle up, ‘cause it’s ‘bout to get bumpy.

Seriously I am so lame.  Anymore I’m just a big walking talking 1 liner, because my life is that awesome.

Anywho, aside from bashing the trifecta of evil all weekend with Lucky, I didn’t really do much else.  I was sick, so I mostly whined to High School Crush about that via text, and then once my cough medicine kicked in I told him stories of excuses I’ve told my friends to get out of going to clubs in the big city, which he seemed to enjoy because he too makes excuses to not go out (see: soulmates).  He told me about how he got drunk and did his taxes, and I whined about being sick some more, then I found out his grandfather died (not from him) and now I feel like a big stupid whore for not asking every 5 seconds how his grandfather was doing.  But seriously, how nice is he to let me ramble aimlessly to him when he had real problems that didn’t involve flem and friends that are too fun?  With that being said, I don’t expect to hear from him again. 

BUT, in my defense, when we hung out at the festival that one night I did ask how his grandpa was doing but I said it like, “Um yeah, so I know this is probably like the worst time EVER to ask, since you know, we’re drunk, but uh, how’s your grandpa?” So he told me the story about how he really only had a week or two left before he died, and how it was hard, and his mom was really upset, and we had a really nice heart to heart and at the end he was like, “But yeah, thanks for bringing that up. HA HA.” I knew it would be awkward #1 because aside from his younger sister, I really don’t know his family at all, so he’s probably like “Why the eff does she care?” Uh because HSC, I care about YOU! MMKAY? I mean our mom’s are friends, and like my whole family is friends with his dad, but I’ve never been formally introduced like, “Mr. and Mrs. High School Crush meet Gizzy” my mom is always just like, “Eh.  They know who you are.” And I’m like, “But MOM, no one has ever formally introduced me, I am going to be their daughter-in-law one day and his mom mistakenly thought I was a prostitute once! COME ON!”  But nothing.

I don’t know where I was going with that.  But, per my horoscope things with my romantic life are going to scale back this week.  So, you win Mother Nature, it worked, I ruined it.  Whore.

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