Blogger in Hiding After Haters Attack

One name blogger Lucky shields herself from paparazzi cameras late Friday night after leaving a bar fight downtown. She has not been seen since.

By Penny Press

One name blogger Lucky is still in hiding after a weekend of drama and tears. Lucky was said to have been downtown Friday evening around 10 p.m. with two friends when an argument broke out.

“Lucky’s friend said she was offended by something Lucky did,” an onlooker said in an interview Saturday.

Lucky then apologized, but the argument escaladed and got heated.

Lucky proceeded to cry and break from the group, but the argument followed her. Bar goers said Lucky was accused of being stuck up, not texting friends enough, not offering invitations enough, and not writing good articles. There was even mention of Lucky being in financial trouble. None of these claims have been proven.

Around 10: 45 p.m., Lucky is said to have left the bar alone. She was last seen at the Hilton Hotel at the valet desk.

Phone records indicate Lucky called fellow blogger Gizzy during her walk from the bar to the hotel. She also received incoming text messages from said haters including a weak justification for the fight, and later, a dis-invitation for further encounters with the haters.

A call to Lucky was later returned by her publicist.

“After a tough weekend, Lucky is currently seeking the support of her friends and family that love her,” she said Sunday night. “Lucky is deeply saddened to lose two people whom she thought were as close as family, but understands that people come and go, and life continues.”

Late last year, Lucky moved from one side of town to the other in seek of change and access. She also joined a gym in attempts to get physically fit, and fight her genetically high cholesterol. Later, she joined a group to fight institutional racism, and made a sizable donation to her local food bank.

Since mid-January, Lucky has undergone intense therapy to treat childhood and relationship-related problems. Her publicist denies any claim that she has turned into a snob.

“I can’t go into details about Lucky’s file,” her therapist said. “However, Lucky is taking time to look at her life, and those around her. She needs to heal, and she will come out of this a better person.”

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2 thoughts on “Blogger in Hiding After Haters Attack

  1. Hang in there, Lucky. We love you.

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