$H!T Reginald VelJohnson Says

Recently I began following THE Reginald VelJohnson (@rveljohnson) on twitter, most of you probably know him as Carl Winslow from the best show on in the 90’s – Family Matters, and those of you who keep up with The Reg Vel’s acting career would know him as Dash DeWitt on my new favorite show Hart of Dixie. 

Since we have become fast twitter friends, and since one of our favorite bloggers (2birds1blog’s Meg) told a story about how she remembered a time when her friends dad got his hand stuck in a pickle jar and realized it was actually Carl Winslow not her friend’s dad, I have been obsessed with The Reg Vel.

When I think of what The Reg Vel would be like in real life my mind immediately jumps to the hard ass personality of Carl Winslow.  Tsk tsk… shame on me.  The real Reg Vel (or what I gather from stalking him on twitter) is nothing like Carl Winslow, he’s hilarious and my new twitter bff. 

So I present to you, $H!T Reginald VelJohnson says twitter edition:

*3 things that I can’t tell apart in my old age: children, adult little people, and ventriloquist dummies #neednewglasses

LOLZ… Oh Reg Vel… when were you hanging out with a ventriloquist dummy?

*A relative just asked me to play some touch football. LOL! Maybe as coach or ref #mindoverbody

LOLZ^2 keep it real Reg Vel!

*every time I go youtube spelunking I always eventually end up at the cyst-popping videos. love grossing myself out #shamefulsecret

Did anyone else poop their pants laughing at the thought of The Reg Vel watching cyst-popping videos and laughing his jolly laugh?

*gonna roe roe roe my boat over to ny for some sushi buffet. Cod Stewart and Squid Rock on the radio, stuffing myself to the gills. #fishpuns

Fish puns

*why I oughta…

LOLZ Reg Vel!

*3 people have called me ‘Uncle Phil’ this week. Does James Avery have to put up with people yelling ‘CARL!’? Don’t think so.

Uncle Phil + Carl Winslow + Gizzy =BFFFL

*Jack and Jill looked very twinteresting but turned out to be fraternally awful. Shame on you Adam Sandler! #refundplease

Reg Vel twitter punned and didn’t call himself out on it.  Sad face.

*Who was the cleanest civil rights leader of all time? Martin Loofah King

LOLZ^4th Loofah… oh Reg Vel.  You kill me.

*waiting for the rain to stop so I can walk to the store and buy ice cream in my sandals #1stworldproblems #mylife

Can I come?

*If a police officer does the robot, is it called the robocop? #rhetoricalquestion

*playing some old school meatloaf at the supermarket. resisting the urge to sing into a cucumber. #chubrock

I would pay good money, all $37 that is to my name to see Reg Vel sing to a cucumber.

*If Snoop Dogg worked in an ice cream shop, he’d be Scoop Dogg #snoopdogpuns

*If Snoop Dogg was a festive holiday beverage, he’d be Snoop Nogg #snoopdoggpuns

*If Snoop Dogg was a fun game for children, he’d be Snoop Pogg #snoopdoggpuns

Reg Vel loves Snoop Dogg puns

*I love whoopie but the plot of sister act is just a bunch of nunsense

I love the fact that Reg Vel loves making puns.

*going to start calling popsicles ‘cold-on-the-cobs’ from now on. just letting everyone know.

*Wearing this snuggie makes me feel like a sleepy wizard #magicalwizard

This is just the first of MANY Reg Vel twitter updates to come.  PS did anyone watch The Bachelor last night? O-M-G KacieB.

2 thoughts on “$H!T Reginald VelJohnson Says

  1. Matthew says:

    I love that in 2008 he Guest Starred on ‘Chuck’ and played the same role (even name) as in Die Hard.

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