Material things I need to get happy.

That’s right, my life has reached the low of lows. I’m convinced there are things only money can buy to make me happy. If you’d like to contribute to these things, please send me an email

1. A robe

I’m pretty sure powerful people solve big problems while wearing robes. I mean, if you’ve ever watched an episode of Kim and Kourtney Take New York, or The Rachel Zoe Project, you know what I mean. Now, most of these ladies rock a solid white, terry cloth robe, which is nice, but I’d settle for something different. If you’ll recall, back to the holiday season, I do have an obsession with plaid, so I’ll certainly sport a Tommy Hilfiger plaid robe. But there’s also nothing wrong with a little bling, like this one from Victoria’s Secret:

2. Plane tickets

I really want to get the fuck out of here. Preferably, I’d like to take a trip to Los Angeles or New York, but at this point, I’d take a trip to a square state and be a happy camper (not literally camping). Gizzy and I have been planning a trip to Europe for our 30th birthdays, and it’s giving me the itch to get out. I am going one state over for a wedding this summer and I’m already pumped about it. Delta, Delta, Delta…

3. A big city

Yeah, I know I just said I wanted plane tickets, but I also would like a house in a big city. Why? See below.

4. A really cool outfit and a Starbucks cup

If you’re following us on Pinterest, you’ll notice that I have a tiny obsession with celebrities carrying Starbucks cups. Yeah, it’s super lame, but just roll with it. When I see these pics of celebs on the go, they’re always dressed so chic! They’re motivated! They’re going somewhere! And they are properly caffinated while doing so.

I want that! So I need item #3, and then items on #4, and I will go places! And make money! And look cute! And then I will go home and put on my robe!

5. A log cabin

As much as I want that chic, modern NY apartment, or a boho fab loft in Los Angeles, I would love to vacation in a log cabin in Colorado…or somewhere I can get snowed in. Like for reals snowed in. Then I can wear my plaid robe, while sitting in my log cabin.

Tell me that is not gorgeous?!

6. Tod’s

I want a pair of Tod’s Gommini Loafers in black. Why? So I can slip them on when I’m on my way out the door to hit up a Starbucks and then run off to places people run off to solve problems and do cool things before running home and putting on my robe, dammit!

Have I lost my shit, or am I just a material girl living in a material world?

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8 thoughts on “Material things I need to get happy.

  1. Who wouldn’t like to get snowed in at that cabin?! It’s amazing.

  2. 😦 I hope your life gets better, soon and you get everything you want, material and immaterial.

    I also would love comf

  3. 😦 I hope your life gets better, soon and you get everything you want, material and immaterial.

    Do you which store is selling those slipper/ shoes? II would love comfortable yet stylish footwear, but I can never seem to find both. I always end up going for stylish and my feet always hate me later!

  4. Bahaha Luckster you crack me up. I too would like all these things with a side of a hot guy. But I have faith, you’ll get them!

  5. amanalynn says:

    Ugh I completely agree!! You know what else money would buy that would make me happy, a life without working and just going to yoga, then going to Starbucks and solving problems etc…
    Money may not be able to buy happiness but it can definitely buy things that make me happy!!

  6. Matthew says:

    I wish my Europe at 30 plans hadn’t fallen through (stupid not having money).

    And I say if you want to be like those chic celebs be a little different…move to LA and carry around Coffee Bean cups instead of Starbucks. Much better stuff.

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