Where have all the readers gone?

No, seriously, it’s like you guys hate us now.

Anyway…can’t say that I have much drama to report. I thought I was approaching my death bed at the end of last week, complete with the sniffles and a killer sore throat—I thought it was strep again.

Luckily, after two days off work and some serious rest, I felt better.

Here are some other tidbits:

–I’m currently reading Bethenny Frankel’s “A Place of Yes” and it is AMAZING.

–I don’t think we ever mentioned it, but Gizzy is coming to visit me this week! Yep, she’ll be here wednesday night. Get your party pants on.

–I’ve been having nightmares about Nicole. In one, she is trying to break into my apartment, and in another, she steals my car. Invasion paranoia, anyone?

–Me and G are going to Vegas in May. Will anyone be there?

–I still hate my job.

Perhaps you’re wondering about the guy I went on the date with last week? We are still talking. At the end of the date, he mentioned wanting to hang out again, but we didn’t make solid plans. You know my thoughts on this (no solid plans means NO plans).

Well, Saturday night, he asks when he can see me again. I said he’d have to ask. So he said Monday, meaning tonight, and I said okay, but he never said a time or place…so we’re not hanging out tonight. I’m sorry, but this shit really drives me crazy. It’s a direct result of being treated like shit in my last relationship, and I know this guy ISN’T him, but I just cannot tolerate any inkling of the ex.

With my ex, I would bend over backward to accommodate his schedule. If he said he MIGHT be able to see me one night, I would clean my apartment, get showered and pretty, cook a little something, and the fridge was always stocked with his favorites. And chances are, he would never show.

That’s why now, I’m such a stickler for plans that include a time, date, and location. I need to know if I need to actually shower and be cute, or if my apartment should be picked up. Otherwise, I do my own thing.

I know it’s not alot to ask, but how do i convey this to men I date? I KNOW this dude is going to text me today and be all, “soo what are we doing tonight?” And I’m going to have to say, nothing, because you didn’t make plans.


White girl problems.

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7 thoughts on “Where have all the readers gone?

  1. I may be in Vegas in May for Kiefer’s Army reuinion, but it’s not a definite yet. Maybe I’ll see you!

  2. Dennis Hong says:

    Ask him to use his sack and plan something.

    I’m in Vegas pretty much every other month….

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