The boss bitch.

The magazine I freelance for has a new editor. Yeah, another one.

First, it was Jesus Belt, then 6 months later, we got Kendra, and here we are 6 months later, with a new chick, Kristin (curse of the k’s, maybe?).

Kendra told me she was moving across the country, just before she was about to walk out the door. When I was shocked, she was all, “umm didn’t you see our in-house ads for a new editor-in-chief?!”

Um, clearly not.

So they hired this new chick who has had plenty of experience being an editor, but she’s never been a reporter/journalist.

Red flag #1.

Like in most jobs, writing is most definitely one where you have to shovel the shit before you eat it. It’s important to know what a writer’s job is like before you’re in a position to criticize it, etc.

So we had our first writer’s meeting with her a few weeks ago and we did the usual, pitching stories. I threw out 4 story ideas and she only liked 2…whatever. Yet, 2 days later, she sent all of the writers an email pitching the EXACT SAME STORY to anyone who wanted it.

Red flag #2.

Umm really bitch? That is literally stealing money from me.

I didn’t reply the email and I didn’t say anything about it. I told myself that maybe it was just a weird coincidence and to let it go. But if it happens again I’m most definitely saying something.

The following week, she decides to cancel the writer’s meeting and have an “email meeting” instead. This consisted of a slew of group messages. i pitched a few ideas, and she told me they were due right then. I said no, I don’t have time for that.

Red flag #3.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not willing to turn articles around in one day. If the magazine were my only job, sure. But I do actually work at my full-time job, I have 2 additional freelance gigs (aside from the magazine) and I’m currently writing for 5 blogs. I need a set schedule with clear deadlines.

She was cool about it and we moved on.

Until Tuesday night.

Red flag #4.

She sent an email to all of the writers saying she needed updates on some stories. All of them were mine.

The first story on the list was one I turned in on Sunday, and it literally said: “Wine Bar” (Lucky, done). Umm, so what kind of update do you need? “Hey Kristin, you’re right I finished the story and emailed it to you, confirmed.”

The second story on the list was one due Wednesday…so why do you need an update? It’s 24 hours prior to deadline. “Hey Kristin, I’m printing off the draft to proofread.”

Like fuck! Frankly, don’t bother me until I’ve missed a deadline, because it doesn’t and it won’t happen, K?

The final straw came yesterday, when I saw the new issue on stands.

Red flag #5.

The cover featured a nice cold glass of green beer. Fine by me, but Kristin has just told us we weren’t allowed to write any stories on green beer because that’s what everyone does for St. Patty’s Day.

Get it together!

I know things were super rocky with JB in the beginning and same with Kendra, so I’m going to try and give this chick the benefit of the doubt…but we’ll see how long that lasts.

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One thought on “The boss bitch.

  1. dederants says:

    Oh, man… this situation sounds dangerous.

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