Pre-Vegas prep

I’m at a loss for blogging words. My life has never been duller, thus…. I’m going to make a list of things that Lucky and I need to bring for our Vegas Trip slash a list of things we have to make sure we do slash don’t do while in Vegas.

Stuff to bring:

*Our party pants
*Velour track suit complete with sequins
*Downey refresh your laundry without having to wash it spray, for the track suits that we plan to wear all 3 days
*Metallic fanny pack
*Sequin Swim suit
*Chappy stick
*Cellular device charger
*Face wash
*Hair brush
*Star shaped shades with glitter
*Flippy flops, with rhinestones
*Driver’s license
*Cash money
*Extra sequins
*A great attitude

That should do it.

We’ve been googling things to do in Vegas for some time, so we have a pretty good idea of what all we’d like to accomplish while we’re there, but in case we don’t have time I took the liberty of doing a little prioritizing for us.

1. Purchase oversized Vegas souvenir cup, complete with booze
2. Get drunk
3. Get drunker
4. Sleep less
5. Lay on the lazy river at MGM
6. Get drunk while laying on the lazy river at MGM
7. Do the CSI experience at MGM
8. Do the CSI experience at MGM while getting drunk
9. Go see the pirate show at Treasure Island
10. See the pirate show at Treasure Island while getting drunk

We also have a list of things not to do in Vegas from most important to least:

1. Run out of sequins
2. Hook up with a hooker (? I assume there are also male hookers that look nice for despie Debbies such as ourselves)
3. Get a tattoo
4. Go to jail
5. Get married
6. End up in the hospital

I think that about covers it. If you have any Vegas advice, tips, or tricks for us let us know. We’ll be boarding our planes in t-minus 57 days. Vegas baby!

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2 thoughts on “Pre-Vegas prep

  1. Thing to bring:
    Sunscreen (with or without glitter)

    Things to do:
    Rest by pool so as to have plenty of energy for night-filled hijinks

    Don’t get fooled into thinking the casino at the other end of the strip is so much cooler/better than yours. But if you do, tram it. Mike death-marched me all over that place, and it was exhausting (see above).

    (Mike and I like to see a show while we’re there, but that’s bc we’re old.

    Things not to do:

    Walk wrong direction on the strip. It is a dark and scary place.

    Go to Freemont St. (see above).

    Worry about calories or money. Just give in.

    So excited for you both!!!

  2. Uh, like I said before, #5 is on my “to-do” list. I’m working on a prenup now.


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