Shoot her.

To: Kristin

Monday, 9:43 p.m.


Hey, I got your voice mails…I wasn’t trying to blow you off, I was just waiting to cool down. I appreciate your apology and concern and will just move forward the best I can, as a professional.
If you would like to talk more about it, I will be there for the meeting on Sunday.
To: Lucky
Monday, 9:51 p.m.
Hi Lucky,

I decided to try one last time and reach out to you via email since I have not yet received any feedback from you re: my phone messages.
Lucky, I am truly sorry that you felt as though I was taking your story ideas and giving them to other writers. I take full responsibility for my misunderstand of our communication regarding the article. When you brought up the idea, I misinterpreted your response as you would write the piece but only if no one else picked it up because you had enough on your plate. And I am truly sorry that this transition from Kendra to me has been unsettling. There is a lot I am still trying to learn in this position and I am doing my best. I know how stressful and pressing it can be to meet weekly demands; therefore I tried to be as laid back and relaxed as possible when it came to everyones’ deadlines. Unfortunately, not everyone is as punctual and efficient as some of you are when it comes to meeting deadlines. My decision in being lax when it came to rules was obviously a mistake. My goal here at the magazine is not only to enhance the quality material produced each week but is also to create a team environment where we all work and communicate together.
I appreciate that you are a committed writer and that you are consistent with being present and presenting ideas. I very much appreciate your effort and your work, and honestly I feel terrible to know that I did something that upset you. It is my most sincere hope that should anything ever happen that causes you dis-ease or upset feelings that you feel comfortable enough to come talk to me about whatever is bothering you. I knew something was wrong/bothering you on Sunday; I just hate that I had to wonder what was going on, why you weren’t talking to me, and why I had to find out details from someone else. I want to do everything I can so that we all can be proud and successful, so please always know that my door is open to you.
So, all of that being said, I need to know where you stand, and how you feel. I have no idea if you are wanting to leave or if you are wanting to continue writing for the magazine. I would hate, more than anything, to see you go but I would have no choice but to understand and respect your feelings/decision. However, if I am wrong and you have no intentions of leaving, please let me know; and please, in the future, let me know when you are not feeling accommodated or appreciated or even heard. 
I am not perfect and like everyone else, I do make mistakes; but I am here to listen to feedback and work with staff to improve habits and help the magazine succeed.
All my best…
To: Lucky
Monday, 9:57 p.m.
Well, honestly I would like to talk to you before next Sunday’s meeting, as this is super important to me. 

I feel terrible that you were/are so upset and I really want to know what you need from me in order to quell this matter. 
Please express any feelings/concerns to me because I am not here as someone to make your job harder/less bearable; consequently, I don’t want you to be able to just “move forward.” I want you to feel as though you are being heard and are appreciated and valued. Lucky, please know I would never ever pass your ideas off to another writer unless you specifically gave me an idea and asked me to find someone else to write it in your place.
To: Kristin
Tuesday, 10:45 a.m.

I understand mistakes do happen, and I’m trying my best to give you the benefit of the doubt. Change is difficult, but not impossible.
The story is just a story, but if you expect us all to work as a team, we have to be able to trust each other. Bringing story ideas to the meeting is a big part of the job; being afraid someone is going to steal the idea, which is essentially stealing money, shouldn’t be happening. If it was an honest mistake, then I trust it will never happen again.
As for deadlines, I don’t know why that was brought to the table here. I haven’t missed a deadline, nor will I.  My work at the magazine is one of four freelance gigs I have, on top of a full-time job as an editor. Meeting a weekly deadline is absolutely not a problem for me. If you want to be a lax editor, be it. If not, do that. Be the editor you want to be. You were hired.
I also don’t know why me leaving the magazine was presented to the table, either. I have no plans to leave at this time. Disagreements happen, and they’re resolved. I am not tied to this for the money, the friendship, or the portfolio clips. I’m only here because I love to write, and I love stories. However, intellectual property theft will not be tolerated. The moment this job becomes more about stress and drama, and less about writing stories, then we can discuss our goodbyes.
You can expect my articles by deadline on Saturday. I will see you at the meeting Sunday.
To: Lucky
Tuesday, 11:13 a.m.

I am really doing my best here to accommodate you. No one stole your story idea. Period. Nor was it a thought to pass your idea off to someone else. I simply do not recall you specifically saying you would pick it up. Even after I sent out an email about needing someone to write the story, you still didn’t respond. And I am not a mind reader. Honestly, I do not understand where the attitude is coming from. No one ever said anything about you missing deadlines, nor was that ever implied. I am simply making the effort to communicate with you and I feel as though you are just plain pissed off with me. And that is fine if you want to continue being upset with me.
 And no one presented the idea of you leaving. I simply get the impression you are not happy working for me and I just want to clear the air. There has not been intellectual property theft and there will never be; however, should you have any concerns in the future, perhaps it would be best if you sat down with me so as not to allow room for any miscommunication. 
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One thought on “Shoot her.

  1. Aurathena says:

    She sounds like an interesting character. You must be really happy this isn’t your main job. Just keep doing your best!

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