Shadow days are over…?

As you can see from Wednesday’s post, Kristin is fucking cray cray, and I’m going to have to deal.

When she sent me that last email, I was in tears. She went from being apologetic in her voicemails, to eventually telling me I was making shit up, and that I have an attitude problem. Which, let’s be honest, I often do. HOWEVER, how is that any of her business? I can act however I want to act, it’s a free country.

Needless to say, I am absolutely DREADING Sunday’s writer’s meeting, as I am certain she is going to pull me aside and want to discuss the matter, once again. I’m going to take the high road and pull a “I don’t know why we’re still talking about this” line and be done with it. I thought about quitting, but then I thought about this (FF to 12:32):

So, fuck her! I do what I want!

I don’t know if I told you guys this, but this June I will be teaching a class on blogging. It’s open to the entire city and registration starts in May…I’m pretty stocked about it; I worked really hard to get the job; making up the class and the syllabus all on my own, and then making it through an interview. I’m just now realizing that I need to start prepping class lectures…and go shopping.

That’s right, I need some new, cute, professional attire. These people are paying me to teach them crap, so I need to look good while doing it. However, we all know I’m on a budget here. So, I need your advice. Where can I find good looking work attire, for less than a J-Crew sale?

Gizzy said she’s had luck at Target, so I’ve browsed the website and found a cute blazer and a few tops for great prices. Let me know if you guys have any tips!

Speaking of clothes, I am currently working hard on my Vegas outfit. That’s right, one outfit, for a majority of 3 days. I went to Love Culture last weekend and got a royal blue velour track suit, pants and hoodie, plus a matching tank, for $31. And now, I’m sewing sequins all over it.

So far, I’ve got a little over half of the hood covered. I want to also put sequins on the jacket pockets, and all 4 pockets on the pants, and then finally, around the neck of the tank. Although it’s a tedious project, it looks freakin’ awesome and it’s a great excuse to sit on the couch and watch entire seasons of Will & Grace.

I will post pictures to show you my progress!

Lately, I’ve created a habit of sitting in front of my computer while I eat dinner…and I just sit there and watch tweets roll in. Yeah, I need a life. The other night, a tweet informed me that QVC was hosting Wilson Phillips on air. Don’t worry, I didn’t need to turn my TV on, I simply said, “WHAT?!” out loud, and begun to serenade my cat, who without a doubt, HATES my singing.

Nevertheless, it was fun.

And finally, Sunday is Gizzy’s Birthday, so let’s all sing her a song…

And an extra-special treat…


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2 thoughts on “Shadow days are over…?

  1. You’re sewing on sequins? Nice! You have more patience than I do.

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes Lucky!! Zac Efron made my birthday the best!

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