I did it for the blog

First, see if you can tell me what these three things have in common…


Guesses? No? Read on…

Lucky and I know things have been boring around here lately.  Cocktails at Tiffany’s has been nothing short of Dullsville because we’re trying to turn into mature A-dults by cutting the drama dramz and negative people from our lives.  Since we had to mark the bloggy as private to save Lucky’s life and our jobs we’ve noticed a dramatic decrease in hits. We are fully aware that most of this is because our blog came up as the top search item for a lot of weird things and now it doesn’t. But we need our high hits fix.  With that being said, we are making a new goal to increase our readership.  And there’s only one way to do that.  Up the dramaz! So, I’m moving back into the dungeon on May 1st.

That is all.

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