What a difference a day makes.

It has been a wonderful few days and I’m lovin’ it.

Thursday, I was walking on cloud 9. I got a ton of freelance done ($$$) and was toying with the idea of asking The Trainer to a bbq Saturday. I wanted to see him again, but I didn’t want it to all be on me, or come across as being eager.

I asked Gizzy and my friend Marcy for advice, and they offered some smooth tips. But I just decided to go balls to the wall and text him. Soon after, he replied, “yeah, sounds like fun.”


I was still coming down from that high when I pulled into the parking garage at the same time as JTH. LIFE IS GOOD. He jumped out of his car and was super cute and chatty—we even got to share an elevator ride together, and chatted for a few minutes outside my door. Here is what I learned:

-He’s a salesman of some kind and gets free rental cars

-He travels in the rental cars for sales calls

-He looks really good in a hat

-He eats Subway

-He’s going to Hangout Fest in 3 weeks

-He’s been to Vegas

-He has a cat

-He gets excited about Friday, even when he has to work on Saturday

I walked into my apartment and immediately called Gizzy to say LIFE IS AMAZING!!!!

Friday was another glorious day, and I hopped into the gym with a smile on my face. The Trainer even sat with me as I wrapped my hands before my workout. Friday night, I actually got to relax, so I sat and watched The Hills on DVD.

I slept in on Saturday morning, before making a pitcher of beeritas for the bbq.

At the bbq, my new friends were there, plus some new people, and I got to see The Trainer with his shirt off again, when we got into the pool. We drank, ate, talked, took shots, and then went for a walk.

During the walk, The Trainer told me he didn’t know why I was single because apparently guys at the gym want me, he said he really enjoys hanging out with me and was planning to ask me out…

And then we ended up making out in some random lawn.

Upon returning to the bbq, we find everyone completely wasted, we get in the pool again, and the party dies down. We sneak back into the house and feast on the remaining grilled meats, talk about stupid drunk crap, and make out in the laundry room.

I will just say, this guy looks good. It’s total payback for kissing mediocre looking dudes for the last 10 years. Hello, muscles!

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2 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes.

  1. Gina says:

    So. Happy. For. You!

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