Too easy?

Things are still going quite fabulous on my end. And how?! I mean, this is a blog meant to be a place for us to bitch about our lives sucking, and yet, it’s not that.

No worries, my lovelies. The sun never shines ’round here for long. But until that day, I’m totally basking it in, without sunblock.

I haven’t seen JTH since our run-in last week. From the looks of his empty parking spot, he’s on a work mission.

As far as The Trainer goes, things are good. Hell, they’re pretty much great. Here’s a few things I know about him:

-He’s from Texas

-He collects tacky souvenirs from truck stops

-He has a master’s in English (!)

-He has been to Tokyo, but not to Vegas

-His favorite dessert is peach cobbler

-He’s not a fan of organized religion

-He cooks a lot, although burns himself when doing so

-He has a younger brother, but is not particularly close to his family

-He has only hooked up with one person at the gym

-He has a roommate named Scott

I love that he’s super easy to talk to, and we actually have lots in common as far as our interests, family life, religious beliefs, etc. I was, however, a little worried, after the bbq. You see, things went really well, but I naturally have to analyze everything and I was wary of the fact that I had asked him to hangout both times, and both times I probably drank a little too much. Chances are, things progressed faster than they would normally (but we didn’t sleep together).

I expressed my concern to my mom, “what do I do when he wants to have sex?” Mind you, I have never really talked to my mom about this, but it was nice. I explained that I’ve NEVER actually waited to sleep with a guy until it’s exclusive and then once we sleep together, I care way more than I should, and then it’s just a shit storm.

My mom calmly said, “just say, ‘in my experience it doesn’t work out’ and if he’s the right guy he’ll wait.” I knew she was right.

Honestly, this “talking” thing is so easy. I never worry, does he like me? Because he said he does. Will I see him again? Yes, that’s what he said. You get the picture.

We really don’t text, aside from logistics, which I like, but the other night he texted me after seeing me at the gym. We got to talking about silly stuff, and then he later said that he wanted to see me again, but he also wanted me to know that his last relationship got “really serious, really fast,” so he wanted to take this slow.

Reading it was a relief. I had been worried that we click so much, and he’s just so hot, that I would get in over my head and ruin it. But no, he wants to take it slow, just like me. I told him I wanted to go slow, too, and see him again.

The next morning, I caught myself analyzing. Is he just saying that? Is he just not that into me? But I quickly stopped myself. What happens, happens. And whatever it is, I’ll be there for it.


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One thought on “Too easy?

  1. Yay!!! Go Lucky, I think these are the beginnings of a healthy relationship 🙂

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