I hate my friends

Let me say, I had pretty much a whole post written for today about my crazy busy week last week and left just enough words to finish it off with my weekend happenings, because I didn’t think there would be that much to tell.  But you know how that goes, where there is a Betty there is a trouble.

So I drove to hometown over the weekend, because as you know Lucky and I will be in Vegas this weekend over Mother’s Day.  I feel like an asshole for not spending it with my mom, but you know going that weekend saved us a lot of money so what can you do? Anywho, I went home so that on Sunday I could do Mother’s Day type stuff with my mom.

Mid-week my mom called me telling me she got a flyer in the mail for a car dealership that was having a liquidation sale.  As you all know, my fighting green Honda is a piece of shit and I have been in despie need of a new car for well over 2 years.  My mom and I decided we would go check out the sale Saturday morning, Betty was having a party Saturday afternoon that I had to be at by 2.  So we did that and I found a car that I wanted to buy.  If you’ve ever bought a new car you know that it takes like the whole freaking day for them to drum up some paperwork for it.  So I left the dealership with my new ride around 3:30 and had already texted Betty apologizing telling her that I was buying a car and would be late.  Which she was ok with.

Since I was the last to arrive at the party Betty texted me with a grocery list of things she had forgotten (see: 3 bags of ice, club soda, limes, a fifth of captain morgan, a pitcher, extra tortilla chips, etc…) on top of the 3 dishes, case of beer, and bottle of tequila I was already bringing, and asked me to pick all of this up before I came.  I agreed, and soon after I got there the party cleared out and there were only a few people left.  So yeah, all that shit I had just spent like $40 on (that Betty never reimbursed me for) didn’t even get used. 

Anyway, when I arrived at the party Betty was hammered, as per usual, and was stumbling all over the place.  A few more people came and went and Betty kept saying she wanted to go to this bar later to see her friend’s boyfriend’s band play.  Several people that left the party said they would meet everyone there if that was the plan.  So, the night wound down and it was nearing 10 o’clock (the time the band was going to start playing) and the only people left at the party were Betty, her boyfriend, me, and one other couple.  Betty was blacked out, could hardly even stand, and was just itching to pick a fight with her boyfriend. Because she hates him.

Before I go on let’s back up a little, earlier in the week I had told High School Crush that I’d be in this city (the one we always meet in) and that he should come there so we could see each other.  I didn’t immediately invite him to Betty’s because I wanted to gauge the party before I threw him into that situation and I thought the chances of us going out were pretty good and I could just meet up with him once we were out. But when it looked like we were going to be staying around Betty’s neighborhood I asked HSC if he’d be interested in coming out with us, he agreed but the only problem was that he had already been drinking with his friends.  Since I was sober I offered to come pick him up.

This is where the story continues, I tell Betty that I’m going to pick up HSC because he’s going to come out with us, which she seems fine with.  So I go in her house and start gathering my things to leave and in walks her boyfriend saying he was sent in to talk some sense into me.  Apparently, he and Betty didn’t think it was a good idea for me to go pick up HSC because if he was into me he would find a way to get to me.  Which, yes, I’m sure he would spend $40 or $50 to take a cab to come there, but why should he do that when I’m sober and can go pick him up? Betty’s boyfriend went off on a tangent about how High School Crush just must not be that into me, because he would do ANYTHING to get to Betty.  Which pissed me off because that’s not a question to me.  We talk every day, I know he’s into me, he tells me he’s into me, so who is this guy that doesn’t even know him to say he’s not? What I really wanted to say was, oh do you think you’re that into Betty when you have chicks sending you naked pictures?

So, I go back out to Betty and ask her what that was all about.  And she’s all, “He needs to treat you like a princess. And he doesn’t.” Which is insane.  She is fucking cray cray. And because she is a nut the information I tell her is very limited, all she knows is that we’re still talking and to her knowledge the last time we saw each other was back in February at the festival – which as you know, is not the case.  So I’m all, alright I’ll be back, already feeling bad for what HSC is about to be put through when he gets there.  Then, Betty asks if she can come and be annoying in the back seat. My response? “No, you can’t, because the last time you talked to HSC you told him I was too good for him, invited him back to your place to sleep in your daugher’s bunkbed with me, and told him I was at a bar to see my ex-boyfriend.  And you just spent the last 10 minutes talking shit about a guy who at some point will probably be my boyfriend, so no, you can’t be annoying in the back seat, I’m going alone.” She got pissed, told me that hurt her feelings and asked why I was embarrassed of her.  I just left.

About 15 minutes later I got a text from Betty’s boyfriend saying, “Take your time. Betty passed out.”  So, I went to where HSC was at, told him about the shenanigans (excluding Betty’s shit talking) and he his reaction was for me to just stay there with his friends, which seemed like a better idea to me.  So I didn’t go back to Betty’s, what would have been the point in that? At 4am when she woke up and saw I wasn’t there she sent me a shitty text saying thanks for coming back to hang out with her.  Apparently the point of me coming back there was so that I could watch her sleep. Seriously?

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One thought on “I hate my friends

  1. Ok, just bc a party says it starts at 2, doesn’t mean you have to be there at 2, unless it’s a baby shower or a child’s party that has an end time. Bfd, you showed up at 3:30. That doesn’t make you the go-to for a grocery job. If she was the hostess, she needs to have all of that in order, or get her deadbeat loser boyfriend to run out and get it! Cheap ass.


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