Okay folks, we are down to the HOURLY countdown to VEGAS. In 48 hours, or so, depending on when you read this, Gizzy & I will be soaking it up, flirting with hotties, in the City of Sin.

I started this week knowing I had things to do, as everyone does before a trip, but like every week, things quickly turned upside down and I had to call Gizzy and freak out over it.

I swear, every week it’s all easy breezy and then Tuesday rolls around and I get slammed with freelance and I can’t say no because I’m clearly a masochist. We’ve been over this before.

So now, that we’re less than two days from the trip, I keep making mental lists… buy cat food, do taxes, find spare key, work a volunteer shift, go to work, mani/pedi, finish packing, WRITE ARTICLES…etc.

Gizzy shed some sympathy on me, but inside I know that, just like every other week, Friday will roll around and I’ll be twiddling my thumbs at my desk, bored as shit.

Because that’s just how I do. I freak out, work my ass off, then…I chill. And this weekend? I get to chill in VEGAS with my bff.

Life is still good.

And just so you know? My day of hooky was incredibly productive. I cleaned my entire apartment, started packing, wrote an article, went to the gym, and finished my sequinned outfit.

So, yeah.

This will be my last post before the trip, so wish us luck, and be ready for all kinds of goodies when we return.

Viva Las Vegas! xoxo

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One thought on “Tick…tock.

  1. Hope you have a great trip!

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