Things are back to crap.

I bet you all were getting worried that things around ole Cocktails were just getting a liiiiiitle too happy, right? Psshh! You should know us better by now! Just when you think things are on the rise, have no fear, they go back into the dumps.

I’m being a little dramatic here. Things aren’t really that bad.

As you can probably guess, things with the trainer are no longer. What happened? Nothing really.

After we hung out those two times and I met his roommates, things were okay, but it was time for me to leave the ball in his court. And he hasn’t thrown it back.

I was a little down, and naturally went to ShyGuy for some advice. When I told him I backed off because it was the trainer’s turn to ask me to do something, ShyGuy merely said, “and he hasn’t chased?” When I said no, he just said “move on.”

And that’s what I’m doing. I’m not bitter about it, or mad, or really even sad. Can’t win them all.

Sunday, I went to the pool with a girlfriend and one of the trainer’s fellow coworker trainers showed up and made a comment about the original trainer flirting with me and said that guys at the gym know “I’m his.”

“How is that so?” I asked. “He isn’t interested.”

“What did he say?” the guy asked.

“He told me he his last relationship was really serious really fast and I took that as ‘back off.'”

“Yeah, that means he doesn’t date,” he said.

Well, I don’t really know what that means, nor do I really care. All I know is that when a guy isn’t asking me to hang out, he ain’t interested. So, we’re back to square one people…know any single guys that are into dating awesome chicks?

I am still stuck on my hot neighbor and am determined to find his ass sometime this week and see what he is up to this (long) weekend. I need to know his deal. After some serious stalking that I don’t EVEN want to admit to, here is what I know about him.

  • He works for Tempurpedic (spelling) selling mattresses I think
  • I assume he has a really comfy bed
  • He has a fat orange cat, like me
  • His apartment has a wrap around balcony
  • He lifts weights and takes supplements so he can look good with his shirt off
  • He likes guitar music like Dave Matthews & Jimi Hendrix
  • He is obsessed with bloody marys
  • He travels alot
  • He wears a really big watch
  • He owns a pink tie

Yeah… I really need to get a new life.

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