Turns out, guys are still assholes.

I casually mentioned last week that things with the trainer were over. Naturally, since I announced that to the world wide interwebs, he has been up my ass at the gym.

Whenever I walked into the gym, he would race to my side, giving me a fast game of 20 questions: How was your weekend? What did you do last night? When is your next article coming out? etc.

Sure, this sounds fine and dandy, but the guy still wasn’t asking me to hang out. Thursday night I’d had enough. He came up to me in the gym, asking his usual questions, then trying to act all cool being like, “OH EM GEE I didn’t even sleep last night because I went out and got crazy and then opened the gym at 6 and now I’m going out again tonight to get ridiculous.”

Umm, awesome, bro. Because guys who are going out on a Wednesday night to get “ridiculous” when they have to work at 6 am aren’t really my style.

It was time to cut this convo short. So I did.

“That is great. So, is there a specific reason why you’re not interested in me?”

His jaw dropped, eyes got wide… “Oh. Shit.”

“Ha, yeah, Thanks!”

I turned and walked out of the gym, he followed and said, “we can talk about this another time.”

“Nah, nothing to talk about,” I said.

I’m an adult. And I understand that not every person is going to be compatible with the next person.

But there are several things that I don’t understand. 1., Don’t kiss my ass if you’re clearly not interested. I don’t appreciate it. 2., You, wanting to “talk” is just your way of staging a conversation that you hope saves your ass so I don’t wish death upon you by way of semi on highway. 3., The reason you “aren’t interested” is because you “don’t date” or because you don’t want things to get too serious, too fast. Oh!!! So talking too much is out of the question, but trying to fuck me on the second hang-out is just the perfect pace?

Go train yourself into cardiac arrest, buddy.

The fact of the matter is, yes I was starting to like the guy. But what upsets me more is that this is still happening.

It doesn’t matter where a guy works, how old he is, where he is from, what degrees he has, whether he likes coffee or tea… he still just wants to walk around with his dick out and have no obligations whatsoever.

I skipped the gym on Friday because I needed a day to be angry. By Saturday, I felt better and went to the gym. Naturally, he was there and had the balls to say hello to me, I responded by turning the other direction and walking away.

Do not talk to me. Do not look at me. Do not talk about me. Do not look in my direction.

Drop. Dead.


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